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To error is human… « Kate Pallardy's Blog


To error is human…

Sometimes it is truly hard to admit that I am not all that graceful. It is even harder to admit that I come with a baggage of flaws and unsuspecting messes. Triathlon tends to bring forth all my most inglorious characteristics and though I try hard to work past my imperfections well, things eventually do go wrong. I do not take light the situation that occurred on the 11th of April but due to a man and a camera, I cannot hide behind pure denial because this my friends is etched into history. I also believe it is truly my duty to the team to address the question that was posted on our forum from Miss Caroline Steffan herself – How can you lose one shoe? I wish I could never personally answer this question but the following series of pictures shows how and why one can lose just one shoe…

I would like to apologize for not having a picture of my left bike shoe lying alone and abandoned on the road while I begin biking away with only one shoe clipped onto my bike. Every normal person would assume that you would recognize almost immediatly that you only have one bike shoe however I am not normal and had a crowd of bystanders screaming your shoe is on the road! your shoe is on the road! Oh boy, quite an embarrassing moment though simply one of millions in my life. I attempted to stay calm but anyone who knows me understands that sometimes instead of crying I laugh in order to avoid the river of tears and of course, ended up in a fit of giggles while working hard to stay focused.

“to err is human, to forgive divine”

Alas, I lower my head in shame and agony. I will not let this incidence happen again and will train hard in order to ensure a more professional and swift mounting onto the bike. Here are a few more pictures of the race. I promise that these will not make you cringe as much as the others.

Sadly, I am not saying that I am number one…I was simply caught in the act of pointing at something. For a 1st place, I have much more work to do.

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