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Back to the Left

Friday, July 31st, 2009

So im sitting at Geneva airport with Tracy at the moment waiting to get on our Easy Jet flight to Liverpool, England. We are off to IMUK in Bolton.
It only feels like a short while ago that I was off to IM Swiss and now I have another race to look forward to. The training between races has basically been a week easy, 1 week training and 1 week easy and race. I have had a few minor niggles but the last couple of sessions have felt good so I am looking forward to putting my best performance in on Sunday.
I haven’t rode on the Left hand side of the road for over 8 weeks , so I am sure the UK course will feel like home and the weather will be about as good as a Kiwi winter, bring on the rain and wind…
After IMUK, a little race called Embruman awaits, which the Boss promised me will be heaps of fun :)
I also have a few days after the race to spend with my Grandmother and Aunty in Wales which will be good, as it has been quite a few years since I seen them. So plenty of tea and scones for me coming up.
Time to fly
PS. I have had some comments that my blogs are quite short ??? so I hope this is an improvement :)

Big Melon

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

With all the talk on the forum about Erica’s WaterMelons i thought i would post a picture of me doing some weight training with it

40mins of Work

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well, this past Sunday I competed in Ironman Switzerland in the city of Zurich. Race week was nice and relaxed, Tracy flew in from New Zealand and we had a very nice homestay with Eva. Eva and her mum Helene were great to us, they drove me around the course, to and from registration, race day, train station……….
Unfortunately race day wasn’t the best day I have had; I started the day in the front pack of the swim but after 10min my arms seemed to explode and I drifted back through two groups by the end. The bike was over a hilly course with some TDF type support up Heart Break Hill, the legs seemed to get a little better during the 2nd of two laps and then came the 4 lap run. The run started very bad, I thought after 5min I might be having a run time that matched my bike, but I had some coke and eventually started to feel better on the 2nd lap and ran quite well, but then the 3rd and 4th I was back to snail pace.
So I ended up 40min down on the winner and have a lot of work to do! Lots learnt and a good day training.
The coach has ordered some more tough races to strengthen me up, Alpe du Huez on the 30th July and then Embrun Ironman on the 13th of August, so looking forward to getting some muscle in the legs
Bella had some good advice for me this morning at swimming too – “Keep training hard” probably the most important thing to do after you have had an average day, keep working and pushing through.
Time for an easy ride to loosen the legs

The girls get wet and wild

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Well not quite, but this afternoon I was lying on the couch enjoying a replay of the Amstel Gold cycling race and all of a sudden the rain came.

It wasn’t just a small downpour but a full on drenching with thunder, and hail. While I was quite disappointed as my TV cable reception dissipated and program went fuzzy (had to change to watch the Wimbeldon tennis on standard reception – tough life J )I immediately thought of the girls. I knew they had a run at 4pm of at least 90min so they would be stuck right in the middle of it, I can only imagine the words coming out of Becks mouth, and Miss Coco thinking the Vampires are arriving…

I caught some of the action on camera, but they just don’t really do it justice012011010003

Team Astana and the Verbier

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

A few days ago we had a group ride up the Verbier climb which is being used as a mountain top finish of this years TDF. This is going to be a super fast stage even with two decent climbs as you always get a good tailwind up the valley to the bottom of the climb.
The climb starts from basically starts from Martingy and is very gradual until you get to a small village approx 9k from the top. The action starts from here and there are numerous switch backs, turns and steep sections to keep the climbers happy. Team Astana where doing a recon mission while we where climbing, I am sure we will see some fireworks from Contador and Lance on this climb.
I was leading the Autobus up the climb making sure that no one was left behind :)