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Milking it

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Well, this past weekend my twin brother and I (who is also back in NZ from Brazil) decided since we are such nice son’s to milk for my Mum and her partner on their farm.They havent had a weekend off since the start of the season so where overdue for a little break We had 400 cows to deal with.

I havent been in the shed for a few years, so I was looking forward to getting my hands dirty again. We the had the help of the farm worker, which turned out to be not the best option…

Half way through the first milking I went into the vat room (where the milk goes) and there was water pissing out of the vat,  I thought oh crap, someone has F#%$@ up something. The worker had left a vat wash tap on, so consequently about 8 thousand litres of water was mixed in with our 1000 litres of milk!

So we had to dump that down the drain and start again! Not to good for the cash flow…

Im not sure what is worse though, training with Sutto or getting up at 4.15am in the pissing rain and cold to go and get the cows in? I think I would take the training at the moment.  I managed to squeeze some training in between the morning and afternoon milking but needed a big sleep by the end of the weekend :) cowlicksme

Running Buddies

Monday, September 14th, 2009

So the last week, Tracy and I have been house sitting for one of her work mates. The house is located out in the sticks if you are a townie. But has some real nice scenery and some good hills to run up and down, the only downside is the closest swimming pool is 40min drive away!

Since I don’t have any of my TBB team mates to run with I have found some new running buddies. They are a bit different to my normal team mates, as they always seem to be full of energy, don’t get tired or grumpy, don’t eat much and always seem to like what I am watching on TV :)   check them out below…..



Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Today I was lucky enough to get to Raglan for a surf. Coming over the hill to the points I was nervous in anticipation as I had looked at the weather reports and new it should be good.

I was treated to a clean offshore south east wind and stacked lines of 4-6ft of swell wrapping around the points. Plenty of grunt to put me in my place! Check out the photos below……

I was having a great time until after I got out of the water, I then proceeded to lock my keys in the boot of my car. So after a few rings to try and get hold of Tracy and her AA number (carside repair number) I got the number I needed. But soon enough I got hold of them and they tell me Tracy is insured not the car, so I had to pay $120 to join their service and get them to come out – Dammit, It was either that or smash the window…

Anyway the time in the water made up for it
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