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Today I was lucky enough to get to Raglan for a surf. Coming over the hill to the points I was nervous in anticipation as I had looked at the weather reports and new it should be good.

I was treated to a clean offshore south east wind and stacked lines of 4-6ft of swell wrapping around the points. Plenty of grunt to put me in my place! Check out the photos below……

I was having a great time until after I got out of the water, I then proceeded to lock my keys in the boot of my car. So after a few rings to try and get hold of Tracy and her AA number (carside repair number) I got the number I needed. But soon enough I got hold of them and they tell me Tracy is insured not the car, so I had to pay $120 to join their service and get them to come out – Dammit, It was either that or smash the window…

Anyway the time in the water made up for it
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