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Mid Season Offie

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Unlike my teammates in Krabi, I have been taking it pretty easy since IM New Zealand, I had good week off to freshen the mind and legs for the next training block. It didnt take long for me to get itchy feet and start to feel like I wanted to start moving again.  Probably abit to itchy, as one of my first rides back on the erg and I strained the knee, so had to back off again.

I have been doing a few non triathlon events lately. The past weekend was one of my mates Stag night/day. We headed off for some white water rafting and some early brews. Later on we had some fun, but I guess “what goes on tour stays on tour”…..

So next up is a bike focus to fix the legs up. The weather is starting to change here now, shorter daylight hours and frosty mornings so I think quite a few sessions will be on the indoor erg. 

Over and out


IM Nutrition

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I have been asked by a few people “what do you eat during and before IM distance race?”

Well, here is a run down of what I do

Day before: I like to keep it pretty simple and usually have my normal breakfast of weetbix and milk. Lunch and dinnner is plain pasta with cottage cheese and tomato sauce to flavour (tomato sauce solves nearly all cooking problems for me :) ). Throughout the day I normally snack on a few lollies and honey if I feel like something sweet.

Race Morning: Get up 3 hrs before and have scambles eggs on toast. Maybe half a banana if I dont feel like eating the eggs. I have tried Ensure a few times, but find it bloats my stomach in the swim, so have gone off using that. About 2hrs before I have a shot of EFS liquid shot

Race time: If I am racing in Taupo or Wanaka you can drink the lake water no problems, so usually I swallow some during the swim to stay hydrated. Get on to the bike and I normally dont drink until about 20-30min into the ride. I then take in about 750-1litre an hour of either the oncourse nutrition or the EFS drink.
I also take in a mini moro every hour and a swig off EFS liquid shot. If for some reason I start spewing, which seems to happen quite a lot, I tend to just keep the drinking up but lay of the solids. Near the end of the bike, I like to go onto the Coke and get a sugar and Caffine rush.
Run time: I run out with a small bottle of coke, try and get it all down and get into a good rythum. If the aid stations are 2-3k apart I normally just do this: Cup of coke at every aid station and a gel and coke at every 2nd. Near the end of the run i normally start craving water after all the sweet stuff, so get a cup or two to clean the mouth out.

During the run if i start to feel the bonk coming on, i always stop at a aid station to make sure i get a decent amount of coke in. I think it definitly saves time in the long run

Post race: I always have a craving for KFC for some reason, and it goes down great. I get a extra big order so I can take some home and have it at midnight when I cant sleep.

During normal training I take a multivitamin. This is a good insurance policy if your daily diet is not the best. Will do another blog on recovery nutrition soon

IMNZ Race Report

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

So, this last weekend I lined up at IMNZ for my second IM distance race of the season.

Race week went well with no dramas. I got the new Blue Seventy Helix suit on Wednesday and had a couple of short swims prior to race day, it has super thin arms and extra flexible arms so I really liked it from the first swim.

Friday was spent watching about 3 movies, doing a tiny bit of exerise to stay moving and racking the bike.

Next thing I know its Saturday morning, and we are all lined up in the lake, getting ready for the start cannon. I had quite a good start and got into a nice little group and we rolled down the lake. The orgainsers had numbered all the bouys down the swim course so you could see how far you had swim. I thought the numbers must of corresponded to the number of meters swam, so I got a nice suprise after bouy 12 i think when we hit the turn bouy at the near half way mark of the swim. I exited the water in a few seconds over 50min so a solid swim for me.

Onto the bike, the first 20k I always struggle and this race was no different, It always seems to take me a while to find the legs. After about 20k I formed a group with 3 others and we rode together down to the turn around. My spare tubular decided to unravel from my rear drink bottle cage, I had rode with it in training for about 6hrs so not sure why it decided to come loose. With no rear pockets, the only place to hold it was down the front of my shirt.

 I was quite suprised to see Terrenzo leading, then a gap back to Kerin and Cameron after the turn around. I thought he must be on some good legs. Just after the turn around James Bowstead came roaring past on a mission, I tried to hang with him, but only lasted about 20k, he was tearing up the road, and I was destroying my legs to try and stay there. So after that he had completely shelled my group and I rode the rest of the ride solo. The last lap was a struggle, the wind got up I just tried to limit the damage to the front and hoped I could pick up some casulties on the run. My lap times where about 10min difference so not the best pacing!

Come into transition in 5th, get my shoes on and realise I hadn’t put my running shorts on, no probs I managed to stretch the shorts over my shoes. Out onto the run and the legs didnt feel that great, so I just settled into a rythum I thought I could hold for the marathon, I was watching my k splits and I was ticking out between 4min-4min20 depending on the wind direction and hilly bits. Not great but the best i could do on the day. I picked up James at the 7k mark who was probably feeling the big effort he put in on the bike, and was hoping for some big fade at the front. Unfortunatly it didnt happen, but  I paced pretty well with the last 21k about 90sec slower and enjoyed the last 3k with the big Taupo crowd. I came across the line in 4th place and 2nd fastest run time. 

Overall, a good day for me, Cameron again displayed his dominance, now I know I have to find 15min to be mixing it with the big boys. So time for some hard training over winter to fix up my weaknesses.

Thanks to all the team sponsors, all the competitors in Taupo, the spectators and the volunteers. And a special thanks to my good mate Gog and Family, who let us stay with them at their family holiday house in Taupo.

Me running

Me running