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No Bugles, No Drums

I have just finished reading Peter Snells Book “No Bugles, No Drums”. Peter Snell is a NZ legend, with 3 Olympic gold medals in the 800m and 1500m and numerous world records to his name. Below is a little story on how they decided the name of his book and a link to a Peter Snell and his training/life/whereabouts these days



“While this book was been written, great lists of possible titles were drawn up, culled, cogitated upon, argued about, discussed and discarded. The book looked as if it would reach the market nameless until No Bugles, No Drums was unanimously elected.

For those who were mystified before publication, or are mystified now, by the choice of this title, we quote here a story related by a London publisher when we called into the search for a title during a visit to Auckland.

A publisher was once stumped, completely, for a title for a travel book. He attended a banquet at which he was seated next to a lady of breeding and discernment. Upon her he unloaded his vexing problem.

“Tell me,” she said, “is there anything about bugles in the book?”

“Good heavens,” said the publisher, “there isn’t even a mention of a bugle.”

“Well,” said the lady. “what about drums?”

“Drums?” said the publisher. “There isn’t a word about drums in the entire book.”

“There, then,” said the lady,  “is your title. No Bugles, No Drums.”

And, here, then, is our grateful acknowledgement for our title.”

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