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Out of here

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I feel like I am coming back from retirement at the moment, as my last race was back in March, but have got Challenge Copenhagen coming up in 2 weeks time. I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be a good comeback :)
Dont worry Boss, I have been training…. I havent been doing any boxing like Brandon though, is that the new secret session?
We have a little flight to singapore, a little rest there, then on to Munich, then a little flight to Denmark.
Tracy has already worked out what movies she is watching, I am waiting in anticpation
Time to pack_another update soon

Reverse Headbutt

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Check out this video, a reverse headbutt, I hadnt seen one of these before the NZ vs South Africa Rugby testmatch on Saturday night. Good fun :)

YouTube Preview Image


Sunday, July 11th, 2010

I know most triathletes love there power meters and I think they have some good value for certain purposes. I thought I would post an extract from www.juliandean.co.nz website, the Kiwi sprinter riding for Garmin-transitions, he just got 2nd in stage 4 of the Tour de France, when not on leadout duties for there number one sprinter Tylar Farrar. Its a good insight into data reading when under stress/certain situations….. See below for an article and Julian in action

A return home from the Giro feeling good and not overdone is always a bonus. The first 10 days at home are a great time to relax and enjoy while many others are training full gas for the Tour. From then on though it always does become a little difficult to manage how much to do or not do before the Tour. Most of the time I just rely on feelings during this period as it’s quite difficult to get good consistent days in as the body endeavours to re-adjust itself to working under a normal load as opposed to a race load. It’s these sorts of times when a SRM can be a somewhat frustrating tool to have as the sensations and the data rarely seem to correspond. The other thing that people often say in their bid to boost my confidence is that, “You’ve done it so many times so you should know what to do”. To an extent yes, but each time the Giro is different and each time you come out of it differently and each year you are a little older and respond a little differently.

Italy's Alessandro Petacchi (right) sprints on the finish line ahead of New-Zealand's Julian Dean (left) in Reims, Eastern France as he wins the 153.5km fourth stage of the Tour de France

Italy's Alessandro Petacchi (right) sprints on the finish line ahead of New-Zealand's Julian Dean (left) in Reims, Eastern France as he wins the 153.5km fourth stage of the Tour de France

Keep your head up

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Following on from Tezs last blog, I thought I would share what I re learnt this past week.
So I am out riding, its about 5 degrees, the wind is blowing, I have just been soaked wet in a big downpour. Riding back from TeAwamutu to Cambridge, about 15k to home.
I am riding some steady efforts down in the 3T aerobars, dreaming I think about some big race which I am in :) , so I come up to some cones and signage on the road, dont take to much notice, there is always roadworks around. Ride about another 1min, then I start to hear some yelling, I look up and #%^*, there is a asphalt truck sitting directly in my path about 10m ahead, split second thought, not enough time to turn right and get around the truck on the road, so I rip on the brakes and head for the grass verge, mission 1 accomplished – missed the truck. Mission 2 – get through the grass verge with out hitting anything and staying up right, sweet I get through that.

I realise what the yelling is now, it was the road workers trying to warn me about the truck! I must of rode right through there traffic management guys who where stopping the traffic and making it one lane in my daydream. I was quite lucky I wasnt listening to music, otherwise I would have had a face plant with the truck

So the moral of the story, keep your head up and eyes on the road