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Rollercoasters, Beers and Sheep

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The past few days I was lucky enough to spend some time in Los Angles prior to flying home. Me and Tracy attacked the theme parks, Tracy loves the rollarcoasters and cant get enough of them. So we got to go to disneyland and sixflags magic mountain .The first day was actually pretty tough, as my legs where like rocks from the Rev3 race and I was pretty tired, trying to keep with Tracy was hard work :) shes actually pretty pleased as I cant seem to handle many rides before I feel seasick where she can go all day.

Another day we went to the ESPN sports zone, everything is bigger and better in this place. We had a few beers in front of some massive tvs while watching some NFL. There was also auditions for the program Wipeout going on in the same venue, there must of been about 200-300 people at least waiting in a massive queue, just trying to get their chance at 5mins of fame.

And lastly the sheep, even they where bigger in the USA, while at Disney Land we visited a little farm. They had goats and sheep, and the sheep was definetly a supersized version, I am not sure what they had been feeding it. Check out the photos below to see what I mean.

Mickey Mouse

Big Roller Coaster

Big Big Sheep

Big Big TV Screen

Lots and Lots of TVs

Disney Parade

REV3 Race

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

This past Sunday I competed at the inaugural Rev3 full distance race at Cedar Point USA. Cedar Point is the home one of the oldest theme parks in the USA, one of the roller coasters is even  still constructed in timber. Unfortunately I missed out on any rides! I was really quite nervous going into the race as since my crash in Challenge Copenhagen my knee has been sore, so the run training was limited to a couple of 20min jogs and some aqua jogging. I knew it was going to be a long and testing day…

Race day arrived and we had a little delay of 10min to let the sun come up. It was a beach start with about 100-200m of really shallow water that you could run and dolphin dive through and two rectangular laps. I ended up getting dropped not long after the start, then got a little lost and was quite shocked to hear the gap at the half way mark – 5min down! The next lap went a lot better and I only lost another 2min on Bjorn Anderson and some other guys coming out of the water with Zach Ruble and Jason Shortis.

Through the edge of the theme park and into transition and out for the ride. This was my first time racing in the USA and under their stagger rules for drafting. The rules are basically like this, you have your normal draft box of 10mx2m, but with the additional rule of not been able to sit in a straight line behind the rider in front. So if you have 4 guys in a group, the closest you can sit directly behind a competitor is 20m. This makes for some interesting dynamics, as you always need to be alert and focused as if the person in front moves to the right, you have to move to the left and so on. It definitely makes the ride a lot fairer.

The ride basically went like this, Bjorn Anderson was doing his normal demolition job of the field, and Zach, Jason and Me picked our way through all the guys in front apart from David Thompson. My knee didn’t get too sore so I was excited to get off the bike and get on the run. James picked up a unlucky penalty not being familiar with the stagger rules, so got a dagger from the stagger, but it didn’t end up slowing him down.

The run was a two lapper, from the theme park into Sandusky township, and back.  I started the run in 3rd place, 22min down on Bjorn! and about 4min to David.  With Jason on my heels and James and Zach a little further back. The legs didn’t feel too bad to start with, but Jason soon came past me and James also, both running really well. My legs started to get sore/damaged after about 5k and the knee pretty stiff. Normally the legs don’t start getting that soreness until about 5k from the finish! So I knew I had a long battle ahead.

After the end of the first lap, there were a lot of calls that Bjorn had slowed to a walk, and I passed him at about the 27k mark and all of a sudden David had also slowed and with about 12k to go I could see him just up the road. I was already completely in the hurt box, but that perked me up mentally as I wasn’t expecting it. I ran past David at about 10k to go.

The last 5k where very tough, my hamstrings where cramping, the thighs had been sledge hammered,  Zach was putting the pressure on, I couldn’t look behind as I was so scared of a full on body cramp/shut down. About a mile to go I thought I had third, and then David comes storming past me, with the finish line basically in sight, I had no idea he was coming, but I was maxed already and couldn’t respond at all. He must have had a big big cup of coke and got his legs back, as he was really moving.

The finish line couldn’t arrive quick enough, legs definitely maxed out there effort on the day. James ended up with a great win and also the TBB girls got a win with Amy. Overall I was really pleased with the day, as I didn’t give in and gave it my best. Big thanks for the Ruble family for having us stay prior to the race and the support on the day

And the Bike Boutique, Avia, Cervelo, 3T, Adamo, Blue Seventy, Token, Louis Garneau for providing super fast gear to use.

Swim time

Cervelo P4

Very cool picture to show where you rack bike

Are my thighs smaller than Steven Bayliss?

Rev3 Triathlon Update

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Just a short update from www.rev3tri.com this past Sunday. Will post a full race report shortly. But the short of it, 4th place in 8hr37min, James 1st, Jason Shortis 2nd, David Thompson 3rd, Me, Zach Ruble 5th

Some highlights for me;

  • *Getting to the start and finish, since Challenge Copenhagen Crash, my knee has been giving me some grief, so there hasn’t been any running, some aqua jogging and a couple of 20min jogs. So the mind and body where definetly playing games with me….
  • *Staying tough and not giving in
  • *James and Amy getting the wins, nice two from two for www.teamtbb.com
  • *Having dinner at www.sonicdrivein.com , bring dinner to you on roller skates (Tracy’s Highlight)
  • *Racing all day with Zach, he put me in the box all the way on the run, getting very close
  • *Aussie Tim Reed gets some respect, in fluro Speedo’s all day long
  • *Getting paid the day after the race – love it!
  • *The organisers doing a great job for a first up full distance race


  • *No time for roller coasters at www.cedarpoint.com
  • *Thinking I had 3rd nearly in the bag, then a storming David Thompson coming past me with 1k to go, he must of ran the last 1k in about a 3.30 as he put nearly a minute into me! I had no gas left :(
  • *Swim

Out Running

Post Race

Cervelo P4 rolling out, with tokens, louis Garneau, and adamo saddle


Monroeville, Indiana

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

At the moment I am getting ready for the new Rev3 race in Cedar Point Ohio.

Me and Tracy are staying about 2.5hrs from the race in place called Monroeville with Mr Ruble and his family(I actually grew up at home in a place called Morrinsville New Zeland). The training setup here is great, they live out in the country, so there are no distractions, nice quiet roads and even a little lake/pond to swim in. The temperatures have been pretty hot in the last week or so, reminding me of the days in Subic Bay, Phillipines.  The only thing missing is some hills, its very very flat here, the only elevation you get is rolling over a highway! and the roads are very straight and long. On the way down from Chicago we got on to a road, and the GPS said, 146km to next turnoff and I am sure we didnt turn one corner on that 146km

There is alot of maize/corn grown around here, with acres and acres of the stuff along the roadsides. I also come across a large dairy farm with some massive barns housing the cows. Four barns to house 2000 cows, all situated on a site of a couple of acres, alot different to NZ.

Post training Recovery next to Pond

Calf Licking

Cows in Barn, note size of stack behind

View of farm