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Hot tub

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while, the local outdoor pool has reopened for the summer. The pool is great, a nice 50m outdoor pool, about 2min from where I live. So a 6am swim, I can get up at 5.50, nothing better :)

Well, I went down for a session today, and it was hot, after a 300m warmup I was roasting, kind of like a chicken in a oven. After about 1k of the main set I exploded, overheated……. and cooked completely.

I knew it must of been around 30 degrees, so when I jumped out I asked the lifeguard what the temperature was, and I was close, 33 degrees! No wonder I cooked

Hopefully they leave the covers off for a few days, otherwise I will be back to Hamilton or TeAwamutu…

I met what Brett calls a Real Man

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet Barry Magee one of Arthur Lydiards original men. He ran a 4x1mile world record and got a bronze medal in the marathon at the 1960 olympics

He told a good story and I picked up some good tips. I will let you in on two of them this week.

The 3 Secrets of success

The 3 Secrets of Racing

New Zealand Men, Snell, Halberg, Magee, McNight

5 Coaches/athletes – 5 Different Circuits

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Check out the different run circuits around my home and who inspired them, I think Brett has been influenced by all of them to a degree

The one above is the sand track, from another Aussie coach from the 50′s and 60′s Percy Cerutty . Not quite the sandhills of Portsea but about as close as you get around Cambridge.

Above is my home grass track, I try not to run on it to much and go to Hamilton to the Tartan track as “Grass is for cows” But the triple gold medalist from Czech Emil Zatopek did alot of laps around his track and so do I some weeks.

This one above is probably my favourite circuit, my version of Arthur Lydiards famous Waitaks circuit

This is the Horse track circuit from Ron Hill, Aussie runner to go under 2hr10min for the marathon. Round and round, faster and faster

And finally the Brett Sutton Leysin Hill circuit but in Cambridge, New Zealand. About 5min around with a nice little climb