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Getting Nervous…. « Keegan Williams's Blog


Getting Nervous….

So a little blog before my big day on saturday

Saturday I am getting hitched to Tracy. I dont feel that nervous at the moment but Tracy seems to be getting a little nervous. Its kind of like before a race for her at the moment, not sleeping that well at night, worrying about the weather, worrying about what she is eating and drinking, orgainising all the last minute details…..

Lucky for me she is super orgainsed.

I had my stag party the other weekend. For those readers who dont know what a stag party is, it is basically when your friends dress you up in some outrageous outfit, make you drink alot and do stupid stuff. I had a combined party with a friend Justin who is also getting married, one challenge we did was a around the local velodrome with a beer consumed at each quarter, the guys in the team who know me will be the first to say I am not blessed with short course speed so i didnt have many advantages there. It was a close fought race and Justin just got me on the line, but I think he did exhale more beer than myself :)

Just because I have already had my stag I will post this picture of good mate Brodie below in his stag costume as there cant be any payback now from a few weeks ago. He had to try and sell the bag of fish he caught down the main street of Auckland….

Brodie and his bag of fish

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