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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

KAMUSTA sa lahat!(how’s everybody) Hope you all had a great holiday last December.I’m so thankful and bless that I become part of Team TBB. I’m excited to meet my new teammates and train with them here at Subic. I arrived at Subic last Saturday, I thought the weather would be colder than I expected…..but the water temperature in Brent pool was perfect!!! (perfect for me, not rowel…hahaha) Im staying at Kalayaan together with Kim and Moni for the mean time.. harder hills than binictican…FANTASTIC!!! Were still settling in our house??? no,no,no sorry…ROOM…For the first time I’m watching a local channel…with the   cheezy…drama..because that’s the only channel that our T.V can get. But there’s a good side to it..I can catch up with my reading…like the Bible…can you believe it??!! and Moni lend me her twilight book…

Going back to the weather..seems like each day the weather is getting warmer and warmer in the morning, while in the afternoon, looks like it’s gonna rain but, NOT!… so far training is good!

catch you all later…