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Speed Bump Bump Boink!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Well, well, well…were should I start…Hmmm….Okay I’ll start on the 12 rounds boxing match last Monday.
Last Monday we did a morning swim and two runs in the afternoon; a 12nn hill repeats and the main event of the day, 12 rounds (km) of fast running. To cut the long story short, for 9 rounds I was doing great, I was able to take the punches that Tereza M. throws at me. Then at the 10th round, I was caught off guard, down goes LC ..hahaha . TKO win for Tereza M. Nice run Tereza.

The day after the horrifying knockout that I received, I was on autopilot the whole morning. After the swim workout, we have to do a long easy ride. I went down the golf course, flying with my two weeks old P2C.
I was going too fast on the downhill not really thinking. I’ve been here training for almost a year and I know every crack, pot hole and of course SPEED BUMPS! I know the second speed bump down from Binictican is a little tricky…I was going toooooo fast!

3 Reason why I’m going toooo fast! (I’m keeping it simple, Doc)
1.) I’m not thinking at all!!!!
2.) I’m so excited to get the fatigue out of my legs for the upcoming training on track (The Big Birthday party).
3.) I was wearing my favorite cycling jersey (2008 Polo Tri gear)… I’m so comfortable with it, I always, always push the pedal when I wear it. now, it has a little hole

Next thing I know I was in the pavement, with my two weeks old cervelo! I immediately got up and check the frame. Good, not a single scratch in my P2C… next, check the collarbone, still intact. Then, the pain in my forearm, hips and shoulder starting to kick in. Well, my forearm is still a little swollen, my shoulder is hurting (nothing broken. Thank God) and just a bruised knee.

So I rode to the TBB shop to fix my handle bar and wheel facing opposite direction, clean my wounds and finish my 3 and half hour ride.
Ah…speed bumps…this little things can really hurt if your not focus on what your doing. I knew better…

Well, I’m doing fine. I’m just a little itchy to start training properly.


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

At last! Here is the sequel of my first 21km. run race.

So last Feb. 8,2009, after doing the Milo half Marathon elimination here at Subic, which I had fun by the way, later that afternoon I got my new P2C CERVELO frame! I like to Introduce “MINI ME”. Thanks to Azmil, who work at my bike even in his day off. I took it for a 2hours and half ride as soon as Azmil gave it to me. ZOOM!!!!



It’s a size 48,the smallest size possible and 650c wheel set.Thanks to Cheska Carpo, who lend me her wheel set..

I have been riding MINI ME for two weeks now and I LOVE IT!!!! This bike rocks!! Being a small girl, I have to say it’s hard to get a bike the suit my built. My aero position with MINI ME improve a lot than my other frames.


Donna’s bike and Mine…hahahaha!



So it’s time to hammer on the bike!!!! See you on the road.

My First 21km Race

Monday, February 9th, 2009

It was last Sunday, February 8, I got up at 4:15am, dress up, eat some toast and rode my bike down at the dark, to go to my first 21k run race. So where doing our warm up on the way to the start line then, 200 meters a way from the starting line I can hear the announcer saying “3 minutes before the start!”…We where all shock because, all along we thought that the race will start at 6am, by the time we where at the start line the announcer said “1 minute”, right on the nick of time,fewwhh…. The gun went off! The first 4 km. I felt good, I ran at the back of group of 5, where Angela and Monica did the pace work. Then, little by little they got away from me. I tried to keep them on site, I found myself running alone for a kilometers or so, then I saw 2 guys from the group of Angela got drop, after a kilometer a caught up with one and that guy was running with me until we caught up with the other guy. I eventually drop the guy who was with me on the hill, going out the airport, yeah!! Thanks to Manny and Keegan, who pass me and give me a little boost. The last 5 km. I was trying to survive the run. My shoes and legs where burning, I’m trying to catch kuya Jojo, who’s wearing a power ranger outfit. I tried to keep my rhythm on the way back with all the leisure walkers in front of me. Finally on he last kilometer I got a second wind, I tried to finish my run fast. Then I cross the line, 5th place with a time of 1hr 32 mins. All and all it was a good training, I learned a lot and I had fun. It was a great day!


But that’s the end of a great day…stay tuned….for my next blog