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70.3 Check

Friday, March 27th, 2009

It was a last minute decision to do the 70.3 Singapore, last March 23,2009. Nine days before the race, I finally have a confirmation from the organizers, In the middle of our team photo shot Alex (our team manager) announced that “I’m in”, I will take the slot of my housemate Erika Csomor. All right! No turning back now, I’m ready to go and do my first half Ironman. I told Coco, I’ll do my best, and I try not to let her down.

I was so excited going to the race, Team TBB send Me, Rebekah, Lucie, Tereza, Jocelyn, Reinaldo, Cameron and Manny. Rebekah was so nice to give me some pointers prior to the race, she went like this from Friday to the race day” Ok Little One, do this, do that, get some rest, eat this, don’t forget to wash your hands before eating and after you make a poopy” hahaha. (Not that far, but almost) The atmosphere throughout the event was different than what I’m use d too, I have to say I was comfortable before the race and enjoying myself.

Rebekah, thinking of something to say to me

Sunday morning: Race day: Game plan: Swim hard, get on the first pack! Push on the bike and do my best on the run!

One minute before the start, I lined up in front, on my left was Tereza and on my right was Lucie. The gun went off, I had a good beach run, the first few meter on the swim was Andrea Hewitt, perfect! After 50 meters there was a little gap between me and Andrea Hewitt, I tired to sprint and breach the gap, but the gap was getting bigger and bigger, next thing I know she was on my left, a few meters away. I change my direction and she and the rest of lead pack was pulling away by 10 meters, then 11, 12,13, …you get the picture. After the first loop I was swimming with one male elite and Rebekah. On to my last loop, I finally got my rhythm. I got off the swim a few second in front of Rebekah and the other guy. It took me longer than the two to leave the transition area, because I have to put on my socks, so it takes me a little longer than them. It was a two days debate about that socks by the way, should I put on a socks or not, I decided I have to put the socks the night before the race because my bike shoes is one size bigger than what I should be wearing.

(After the first loop on the swim)

Bike: The first thing that went into my thought, is to forget about my awful swim and move on in the bike and focus on my ride. I push the pedal as hard and consistent as possible, I told myself “push hard, just like in training” and try not to go crazy and blow up. Before my first loop on the bike, I drop my water bottle from my hydro tail because I did not notice the little circular gap on the road. The funny thing was, when I passed the same spot for the second loop there where maybe 5 water bottles on the side of the road, then on my third loop there where around 10 or more water bottles on the same spot where I drop mine.


Run: Before the race Rebekah, told me to take some gel every 30- 45 mins during the run. On my first loop, I was feeling good on my run. I thought my pace was good enough to descend my time every loop, but that wasn’t the case. After my first loop I was thinking about taking a gel and get some electrolytes in my body, because every aids station that I pass I only get the water, not the 100 plus drink, but I decided maybe I’ll take it later because I was feeling fine, oops!!!…it was a mistake. On the 11km mark I felt my body getting heavier and heavier, I was feeling the pain! on my 12km mark, I decided to take the gel, I was on a hurry to take it, I forgot about water to got with the thick and sticky gel, I was 600 meters away from the water station, for 30-40 seconds the gel is still in my mouth then I decided better swallow it because I can’t breath properly. After I swallowed the gel, I need water right away but I still have a few meters away from the water station! Nice… On my last loop the only thought that went into my mind was keep my legs moving, keep my cadence up, your almost there! I was very happy with all the supporters in the race, even the people that I don’t know was cheering and saying my name during the run, it was awesome! Finally, I finish my first Half Ironman. 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21km Run total 70.3 Miles, CHECK! 30 mins(terrible swim) 2hrs and 40 bike and 1hr and 35 mins run. Looking forward to improve more and do more races!

Not a very happy camper

I enjoyed the whole weekend so much and also enjoyed racing for 4hours and 50 mins. It was a good training session and I learned a lot from the race. Then it was time to say good-bye to my teammates, Rebekah was the first one to leave, I’m going to miss her a lot especially during swim sessions. I also said good-bye to Lucie, I will miss her presence in the pool also and in the track. Reinaldo and Cameron also went to their own country. See you soon guys, kick ass in your upcoming races!

At Last!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Last March 3, 2009, I attended Coach Guy and Tricia’s wedding. Coach Guy was my College swimming coach at De La Salle University and also my professor in one of my major class. Tricia and me met through common friends in Triathlon community. For years me and my other teammates want Coach Guy to find someone who can make him feel better, so he can smile once in a while. Believe me, coach guy never smile, even when he crack some jokes(his own jokes, can you believe that!). No reaction at all! Except when my teammates and I screw up in training or in competitions, anger is the only reaction we saw.

Well, three years ago I introduced them to one another hoping cupid can do something. Coach Guy is smart, athletic (represented Philippine in Soul Olympics 1988 and he also Swam for Berkeley University) and he is a SERIOURS guy. Tricia is smart, athletic and BUBBLY… notice the difference. But nothing happened..oh…well.They wasted 3 years together.hahaha…Eventually last year when I casually introduced then to one another again something click…OH YES!..Everything is history. AT LAST!! My persistence pays off. Congratulation again guys…really happy for you. Can’t we to see Coach Guy do a triathlon race.

At the reception with my bandage..Caught in the act….Too busy eating the great food no time to take pictures…thanks to Fiona, where I got the photos

The newlyweds

Two and half weeks ago, I was limping in the outside lane in the run track with Rebekah while everybody is running …Patience, patience….I’ll get my shot to run again, that’s all I think about that time! When I left Subic to go back to Manila for Coach Guy and Tricia’s wedding, I can’t wait to go back to Subic and run again, during my two and half days in Manila, oh man…my feet was so itchy to run…but I didn’t because the boss gave me a strict order not too. I left Subic at Sunday afternoon then Wednesday morning I caught one of the earliest bus to go back to Subic. I was all smile when I joined the group during the run session…AT LAST! I was running properly again without an aching knee.

AT LAST…. 70.3 Singapore here I come!


Friday, March 6th, 2009

(picture was taken from www.philstar.com)

OH boy!!!! I really want this shirt so badly!!!!! Okay, since I saw the coke commercial of Enchong Dee (the guy on the picture), who is be the way I knew since I was a kid, we grew up together, same town, same swimming team, same University etc.(get the picture). I send him a SMS right a way, hoping he can pull off some strings to get us the shirt. I told him, I like his commercial and the shirt his wearing. I ask him if I could buy a shirt from him and he said,” no”. Sorry, he can’t do anything…he said I have to drink coke! Well, that’s okay at least I tried…

I told Donna, who also want this shirt that we have to do it like everybody else, we have to drink coke products to get it. Me, Donna and the rest of the team have been drinking coke products everyday, especially after bike rides and track sessions, still after gallons of coke and looking under the cap or crown, NOTHING!!! No FREE SHIRT scripted under the cap, just SMILE NA! next time I’m getting a SMILE NA under that cap, I’m going to scream!! Donna had an assumption that maybe the coke company didn’t send anything here at Subic…hahaha! So when I get back to manila next week I’ll buy tons on coke.
Wish us luck guys!


Donna leaving a store with a Coke…sorry no luck :-(