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Global Warming

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

April is almost over, as far as I remember end of April here in the Philippines should be hot hot hot!

If I’m not mistaken for the last five days here in Subic its been raining so hard. My past two track sessions, I was running with my new found friends named thunder and lightning. Couple of frogs was also running with me, I thought they where stone so I kick them because they where running in my lane.

Climate change is really happening…Yesterday was the EARTH DAY celebration…So almost everything in National Geographic and Discovery channel was about global warming or anything related to it. What caught my attention when I was watching one of the show in National Geographic, they said that, everyday 14,000 cars are sold around the world…Would you imagine that! It’s crazy!

Just Imagine this. What if 14,000 bikes will be sold everyday…would it be nice for our environment. I hope we could act now before it’s to late!


Oh Rufus!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

It’s been a little over a week since Rufus made his first visit in our back door. Rufus is a cat by the way.

If your a cat lover, if you saw a stray cat just wondering outside your backyard there are few things that you can do. First: you can feed them with canned of pink salmon, tuna, maybe some meat and skimmed milk. Second: you can also treat them like your own baby, giving him love, shelter , talking to them even if they don’t understand any human language and of course giving them an awful name like RUFUS, even if it’s a female cat. Well, in our house Donna is the only cat lover. Mommy Donna did all this to Rufus, that lucky cat!


Me and Tereza hate Rufus “ The psycho cat”, as we called him or her(we don’t really know it’s gender)
Yesterday, My housemate Donna and Tereza left Subic to go to China for this weekend Ironman race. Mommy Donna, reminded me couple of times before she left that I have to feed Rufus, with out any hesitation I said NO! NO WAY! He or she’s not my problem!..

Well, okay Donna…I’ll try to be nice, If I see Rufus outside I’ll feed the tuna that you bought for him…because I’m a good friend and I want to do something nice for you, NOT FOR RUFUS “the psycho cat”! for you.

Weekend Training sessions

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Just three days after I arrived in Subic from Singapore I jump back to a car and went to Manila to do two races in the weekend.

The Saturday race is the Powerade Duathlon in Macapagal Ave. Composed of 7km run, 30km bike and finish off with 4km run. The race started at 8am so it was hot…I love it! good for training. I felt good on my 7km run, then 30km bike, it was a 6 loops bike course, so before the race I visualized the course, I know the road won’t be totally close for some cars and other weekend warriors training in that time also. So, I have to be cautious on the bike, no reason to go crazy and crashed. Then the last run…It was crazy hot, I was fighting the heat and smoke from the cars. I was racing with the boys throughout the race in the span of 1 hour and 37 mins, to be exact. I finished 3rd overall, two boys where a head of me and I finish first overall in the women’s division.

Start of the race(I’m easy to spot, the little one in front wearing pink)


Sunday: The Pinay in Action All women’s run (10k race)

I was in pain when I woke up last Sunday, with a little bit of smile, laughing at myself when I was going down the stairs like a grandma. I had a lot of fun racing the 10k run, with the best runner in the Philippines. I pushed hard on my last half of the race, I also encountered a obstacle during the last half. I didn’t get a chance to get water because if I did, I have to stop. Many runners was on the water station hanging out and taking their time, might as well fight it and endure everything, than loose momentum. It was a good obstacle course and it’s just a 10k run..No water needed !hahaha. On the 6km mark I caught this varsity runner who was ahead of me to get the 3rd spot.

It was a productive weekend, I got to bring home some goodies and some PESOS! I want to thank, Senator Pia for the run, it was nice seeing that many women running and supporting Pinay in Action causes and also I want to thank Ani for organizing the event, job well done. Thank you also to ate Popo and Thumbie for organizing the Powerade Duathlon

10k top 3