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I’m Sure I’m not the Only One

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced this kind of LUCK!!!

Have you woke up in the morning and feel so good for your upcoming day or training day…

So six days ago I was feeling great….I woke up in the right side of the bed, let just put it that way…on that morning the schedule was a 2 hours ride then right after the ride go to the pool for a swim session.
So I was ready to go for my ride… I eventually found out my REAR TIRE has a puncture, before the ride. Change the tire as fast as a can, good thing I have a spare tube beside me….

So went for my ride….50mins in my ride…just starting my loop in the airport… BOOM!!!! Sound like someone shot me at the back…my REAR WHEEL explode…then I stop and look at the damage…it was a big cut through my tire …I ran through something probably a sharp stone or something….what the heck don’t care!

At this time, things are not going great…took me a while to patch the exterior and interior. I was sun bathing in the airport while I do the patching…I have to hurry because I have a 11am swim session…

Finish patching, time to go to the pool, I was hoping the patch will work…

NO it didn’t work…less than a kilometer all of the air in my REAR Tire is gone!!!! At this time I was procrastinating already. No more patch and extra tire, I have already used it all…During this time I was looking for a taxi to get me to BRENT pool…no Taxi for 30 to 40mins (When your not waiting for a Taxi you’ll see a taxi, when your looking for one you can’t get one)… I was walking/riding my bike as slow as possible in the middle of the summer, I was frying, sweating, stressed ect…

Eventually I got a taxi then went to BRENT 30mins late did the whole workout. Went back home and fix the wheel…I actually change my whole training wheel now…yeah!

Wait, not over yet…I woke up the following morning…my REAR TIRE lost a lot of air overnight….Something is wrong again!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!…very small puncture!!!!

SUBIT 2009

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

I have been racing the SUBIT (Subic International Triathlon) race for seven years now from junior races to Elite racing. This year the course was change for good in my opinion. We swam at Dungaree beach where T1 was also located. The Bike course was composed of a big loop: from dungaree beach turn around point was before Jungle Joe then go to board walk to complete the big loop then a small flat 10k loop. The is still T2 is located at boardwalk.

I was with 5 other girls who completed the first loop on the swim then 2 Chinese girls broke away. I’ve been training here in Subic for a year now so I know the bike course pretty well so I use my familiarization on the bike course and catch the 2 Chinese and drop the South African girl at the hill. I didn’t saw the Japanese girl who broke away in the sharp right turn. I was pushing and pushing on the bike. I tried to bridge the gap , other girls don’t want to work so it’s up to me, but I failed.

On the start of the run I was feeling good then after 600 meters on the run I got a stomach cramp..The whole 46 min of the run I was jogging, stopping, walking and running…I was pushing myself to finish the race. I finally finish the race in 5th place…

Can’t wait for next year SUBIT….I’ll get my revenge…

A Tribute to a Great Man

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

How we define Great Man may vary, but I thought of couple of things that may sums up a great man.
• Someone, who has a positive impact to an individual or a society
• Someone, who do their profession above normal or average
• Someone who is admire by many

Seven days ago around 530 in the morning, I was about to leave for training when my mom told me devastating news that Tito Bert Lozada passed away. He was battling cancer for years.
Remberto “Bert” Lozada is an icon in Philippine swimming. His vision of teaching swimming, especially the young ones from water safety to competitive swimming have reached a great height. The Bert Lozada Swim School is run by his whole family. One of his son, Coach Angelo was my swim coach from there everything is history. The Lozada family has been our extended family. When Coach Angelo retired coaching competitive swim, he concentrated with their family business, our family and the Lozada’s family bonded more. The Lozada’s help us start our life in Manila almost a decade ago when we move from our Province (Naga, City Camarines Sur). Every family events are shared both ways.

One of my unforgettable event of Tito Bert:
It was 8 years ago, I was fed up on swimming. I told my parents that I want to try tennis, because they have a cute outfit and I like to smash stuff. I was a fast learner, the instructor was so impressed in my backhand, and it was like a Roger Federer backhand. I was considering entering the varsity team in tennis at University. After a few months I was having fun in tennis and I was swimming less and less. Tito Bert told my parents I should go back to swim. Well, of course I was back in swimming in a snap…hahaha Bye bye Tennis. After couple of my weeks in my return in swimming, I was enjoying the sport again.

The last time I saw Tito Bert was last August watching the Olympic Triathlon in their house ☹

Thank you so much Tito Bert for leading me back to swimming, with out you I will not be right here right now in Triathlon.
It is a shame that I won’t be in Manila to visit Tito’s Bert wake or go to his funeral, I hope this blog will make up for it…. just a little. I’m sad but also happy that he is now in God’s hand.

Remember this, people who can make a great impact in your life can be a great man or women, even small advice that he or she gave you can change your life for good. Make sure you listen to them, follow their lead and thank them. Tito Bert is one of on my list. But I know he will not be that last.


Rest in peace Tito Bert you’ll be miss, especially your voice at the deck of the pool

Tongeyeong, Korea WCS

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Tongyeong Dextro Energy Triathlon – was the first leg of the ITU World Championship Series
Friday Afternoon:
I was looking forward in this race to race with the best in my sport.
Saturday Race day:
1pm:to add drama to my race day. Going to the race venue I got a puncture in my rear tire , I was lucky enough that Coach Melvin is there to help me out and we where efficient enough to fix the problem together.

Race start, No Holding Back!!! The race is on, the water was freezing for the Filipina…
Coming into the first transition I was on a group, coming out of it I was with no group… Getting rid of my wetsuit took me a while, I screwed up on that part big time and I almost fell down butt first in the transition area while I was trying to remove my wetsuit, that will not be a pretty sight..thank God for my reflex
Bike: On the bike Ai Ueada caught me just before the first turn around then we worked together to catch two Koreans, one of them was drop eventually. There were 5 loops on the bike. The first 3 loops I was doing Okay…we where pushing and pushing, the hill was getting steeper and steeper every time we pass it. On the 4th loop I was really feeling the pain. Fight LC fight!!! Told myself….hang on!
Run: I did hang on….On the run I just push as hard as I can… The leaders pass me on my second loop…when the two Emma passed me…I was like wow….#!@%….(I’ll run like in a few years)…On my last loop my legs was getting heavy…When I crossed the finish line they where awarding the top three finisher…


Post Race:
Big slap in the face…wapack!
I have a lot of things to do before I’ll get there…Takes time…but I’ll work on it…
Sunday morning: I woke up early in the get off the bed I was soooooo sore…. I put on my shoes, sweat pants and jacket and went for my run and enjoy a little bit of Korea at the same time.
It was a good weekend for me. I really had a blast suffering and racing at the same time.
Bye for now