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Leysin, Switzerland

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

I finally arrived here in Leysin last Monday night….pretty excited to train here and see all my team mates…



Such a BEautiful place…Here is a photo outside our balcony…Me and Bean share the apartment together





My room….Good thing I’m small….But believe it or not I bump my head a few times now..

It’s Summer now here in Leysin but for me I don’t feel like it


RAFA…fafa or Roger?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I’m a Rafa supporter…when he lost on the 4th round of the french open this year, I was stunned.poor Rafa, wasn’t his day….hands down to Soderling though put on a amazing match.. So Roger is still fighting…getting his revenge…Let see If he can get this year French Open(I HOPE NOT) hihi

I don’t want Roger Fans to hate me, his an amazing athlete and a good guy but I’m voting for Rafa..

But if your a Roger fan I have a few pictures hoping that i can lure you to switch side..

RAFA VS. Roger

Who looks better when he is fired up?


Roger…Roar!!!(I think….)

Rafa fired up

Rafa’s Big Guns

How about the FIST Pump….very important


Roger Fist pump


Rafa fist pump

What can i say..he can pull the fist pump plus Knee pump very well(good position)


Shirt off guys



Remember the Movie of Ben Stiller(Along came polly)



okay..If this picture won’t change your mind…your a real roger fan