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Filing your tank the Czech- Canadian, Filipina and Aussie way « Lea Coline Langit's Blog


Filing your tank the Czech- Canadian, Filipina and Aussie way

So Last weekend, me, Tereza and Steve went to Dijon, France for a race. It was a 3k swim, 85km Bike and 20km run.

Saturday, we left Leysin to go to Dijon…Tereza drove the green 10 years old rattling Subaru car for four hours while Steve was navigating…Me…hmmmmm..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…hihihi

So we arrive in Dijon hungry and tired… We loosen up are legs by riding our Bike in the run course for couple of minutes. Went to the two star hotel, clean up then we went out to find dinner in the pouring rain for two hours…we also did a Moneghetti set or a pick up run during our hunt for a restaurant.


Race day:

Wetsuit swim…around 400 Triathletes. Race is on hit in the face and drowned for couple of seconds….Fight through the crowd, then I finally freed my self from the slow swimmers. By then I’m alone, but there was a pack in front of me… I was trying to catch them but I wasn’t successful.

At the first loop of the bike my legs wasn’t working at all… I was trying and trying to push my pace. The bike course was technical and there were some hills.. At the second loop of the bike I felt better.

Then at the run, for the first couple of kilometer I was listening to my body. Tereza was way ahead of me then there were 3 French girls in front of me. Then after 3 km or so… I was on a mission.  I caught my first French girl easily, then just before the first loop I caught another one. Trying to finish second was my mission now…I was digging and digging, I was gaining grounds from the 2nd place women…I know it’s going to be close… So around 150 meters towards the finish line I was sprinting my legs out and my lungs was screaming….. then the crowd was cheering on the French girl telling her a small, tan Filipina is catching up…so She started to sprint….Ahhhh!!!! I was too late…Got 3rd

I’ll do better next time!!





After the race our journey back to the Wonderful place called Leysin, Switzerland was great.. the three of us was talking about movies almost the whole span of the trip home.. but the highlight of the trip back home was getting fuel for the old rattling car…




10 years Old Subaru



















Our Two star hotel

Our Two star hotel












First try…we don’t know how to use this machine


No Idea

No Idea











Second try: our credit cards are not accepted in the machine( Hmmm maybe French machine don’t like Canadian, Filipino and Aussie credit cards)











3rd try: no luck again…we decide we  have to leave  France and go to Switzerland where everything is neutral and familiar.














At last SHELL gas station in Switzerland
















YAHOO!!!Look at Tereza…. what a big smile !!!!






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