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Anniversaire in Alpe d’ Huez « Lea Coline Langit's Blog


Anniversaire in Alpe d’ Huez


Every year for my birthday, I’ll make sure I have a birthday present for myself. This year was unforgettable, it was just the perfect present, TRIATHLON RACE IN ALPE D’ HUEZ. Oh, yeah…the LONG RACE not the short race.

So the troop left Leysin Sunday morning. We rode our Cervelo’s, first stop in Albertville, France. Then Monday, July 27th  ”The birthday ride” we rode up to Alpe D’ Huez.


The guys surprised me with a birthday cake/ice cream cake ??? (I really don’t know what to call it) in the restaurant where we had our dinner. Thanks guys….

I raced the Long Course Alpe d’ huez Triathlon composed of 2.2km swim, 115km bike and 22km run.

The highlight of my swim was coming out of the water. So, for almost 2km of swim I was trying to connect to the first pack, where i didn’t Succeed  Being a hobbit, my Achilles heel is my toe (Please Go to Miss Erica Csomor’s latest blog for more explanation). I was getting out of the swim course, next thing I know both my knees was on the blue mat and I almost land on my face, I also hurt my toe in the process.

After the bike, my first kilometer I felt good, I told my self this is not so bad after all. Then it hit me, so I slowed down. After I finished my first loop, my legs are not working as much as I want it to, I just want  to finish at this point, two loops more. 

Well it was a long day and I did managed to finished the race and I also finished  9th placed in the women division overall.

It was unforgettable experienced and a perfect birthday treat to myself. Can’t wait for next year!




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