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Case study for athletes « Lea Coline Langit's Blog


Case study for athletes


This case study was taken by Department of Wangkers (DFW) with the help of one undisclosed athlete.

He or She spent a rigorous training for months and after one hard session a wall just smacked her or him in the face, figuratively speaking. DFW was monitoring his or her condition after this event occurred.

This following list of Don’ts might be useful for other athlete in the future. This is accredited by the DFW.


1.)         Don’t talk to your roommate right after you step into your apartment

Why: no sense will come out in your sentence, you’ll be mumbling words..


-       Processing your native language to English will take a while, so your patient will be tested

-       You have to repeat your self again and again, still your roommate can’t understand what are you trying to say to her.


2.)         Don’t speak to a Korean consulate and fix your visa at the same time, while your still recovering.


Why: The two phrases that will come out in both of your mouth will be “Can you repeat that Please and Sorry I don’t understand you again”.



-       Understanding Korean English needs patient, if you don’t have one. GOOD LUCK (No offense to the Koreans)

-       It will take a while for both of you to understand each other. Just to make this clear it will taaaake TIME and time is essential

-       Will coast you money (the undisclosed athlete called from a mobile phone)

-       With the 10mins conversation you had, you can put your whole conversation in just a sentence

-       Miss communication can happen, meaning you have to call back .You don’t want the whole processes to happened again!


3.)         Don’t get a Identification Picture in a instant photo booth

Why: NO matter how many time you fix your hair and practice your smile the picture will come out butt ugly!

4.)         Don’t go to the post office and buy an envelope


Why: You will be humiliated!



            - You can miss interpret the Swiss lady, when your buying a 60-cent enveloped instead you get a 60-franc bill. Imagine, an enveloped coasting 60 francs……….



5.)         Don’t hit your head in the ceiling before going to sleep


Why: It will hurt big time and that’s not a good way to end your day


-       You will have to lie down in your bed in pain for a very long time holding your head and screaming in pain!

-       You will wake up with a lump in your head, not a good day to start your day!


Hope this list can help you.


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