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Typhoon “Ondoy” hit Manila « Lea Coline Langit's Blog


Typhoon “Ondoy” hit Manila

Just want to start my blog by saying thank you for all your concern to me and my family…I’m very fortunate that me and my family is okay…we are not that affected…Yes, for the first time the flood went in our house. and some of our relatives and friends lost their house.But thank God everybody is fine.

I arrived in Manila last saturday a few hours after the typhoon hit my country…. i was waiting and being patient for just a few hours, but I did arrived in our house safely…

Just to Summarized how Manila is badly devastated. The first six hours of the storm, which measured 341 millimeters, broke the record for the highest 24-hour rainfall of 334 millimeters in metropolitan Manila.. My family and everybody else said it was unexpected… Many people lost their lives and still as i watch the news some places are still not been reach by rescue teams..


This afternoon after I did my workout I went to my Alma mater, De La Salle and donate some clothes and food… I’ll probably give more in a few days…Pls.. If you want to help in any way pls don’t hesitate. I saw that donation was still flowing as fast as possible this afternoon… but I hope it won’t stop…You can go to http://www.redcross.org.ph/ or other organization regarding “Ondoy Typhoon”…

my small donation

my small donation


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