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3 Races and a Puke

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Putrajaya 70.3

So last October 4 I did my second 70.3 distance in Putrajaya, Malaysia. I love racing in Malaysia, make me feel at home hihi… Monica, and me my Filipino Teammate share accommodation in the beautiful Pullman Hotel. It was a funny story when I was going to our Hotel. The taxi driver said that’s Pullman, pointing to a massive castle like buildings…I was like are you sure…Maybe there’s another Pullman hotel in this area..But no..it was  the hotel..haha..When we open the door in the hotel were like whooooo!!..Not bad for the price…

Race day, on swim I tried to get a good start, which I did. I found myself behind Jan, Cam and the other dude…But little by little they get away. I found myself swimming alone most of the way. Then after a few miscalculation or I got confused of the millions buoys floating lost couple of seconds, I was surprised that I saw by my side another pro- women. We got out of the lake at the same time but on the start of the bike I pulled away easily. Then a little before the first loop on the bike the eventual winner of the race passed me on the bike. I just push the pedal as hard as I can. Then I finish the bike leg second of the transition area, not far behind the two trailing pro women. I was suffering on the run, the two women eventually passed me, by then I told myself just keep running. Towards the last 5 km I was starting to feel better. Then I started running but it was too late to get third place. I eventually finished 4th overall. It was a good day for training because following week I’m heading to Indonesia.

Palembang, Indonesia (Asia Cup ITU)

So after the weekend of Putrajaya I went to Indonesia for a Aquathlon Asian Championship and Asia Cup Triathlon standard distance race.

The Aquathlon was held Saturday. The 1km swim I went out of the water with the two Russian. Then on the 2.5 km run I tried to hang on but on the last 1km they pull a head. I fisnished 3rd over all but First Asian to cross the line so I got the title.

The following day was the Triathlon. Out of the swim I was ahead of the two Russians and the Australian. They caught me on the bike and worked together until the end. On the middle of the bike leg my stomach wasn’t feeling right, it was the effect of the Saturday race. After the Aquathlon raced I was not feeling good, felt like puking and my head was messed up. They said it was probably the lake water that taste like sulfur….then On the run they pulled away…I was struggling with my body then I finally puke some fluids. Told my self, just keep going and don’t quit. Then I started feel better on the last 2.5km I was running fourth. The Australian girl was suffering also. For a kilometer of good running I eventually caught her and pulled away finishing 3rd. It was an overwhelming experienced for me going to Palembang, Indonesia. The whole weekend showed how lucky and blessed I am.

Now I’m back in Subic training for my upcoming raced the Asian Duathlon Championship on Nov. 15. I want to finished fast…Yes of course I want to have I good race but also… People’s Champ is fight that day also. Manny Pacquiao will fight Cotto in Las Vegas to be the first boxer to get 7 titles in different weight division.