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Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Welcome to my first ever blog!!

I’m now back in Leysin in Switzerland where Team TBB will be based this summer. The weather had been beutiful and very sunny until I got back! Now it’s cold and rainy. It makes me think about the day where I did my first Ironman because the weather was quite similar on that day!

I never thought that I was going to be a professionel triathlete and I never ever in my life thought that I was going to do an IM. I’d watched a couple and I thought that those ironmen and women were crazy people!! Why would anyone run a marathon after a 3.8 km swim and 180km bike? Defenitely not me!

I met my partner, Andrew Johns, at the end of 1999. He had been a professionel triathlete for a while and he was racing and training all over the world. So to be able to see him, I travelled to New Zealand where he was based at the time. I was just going to spend some time with him and to train a little bit. But soon I became a part of Andrew’s training group and when I went back to Denmark after 3 weeks in NZ, I tried to keep training the way I’d just been taught. In the summer of 2000, my new training group all came here to Leysin and I decided to go there as well and to become a “real” memeber of the squad, at least for that summer as I had to start my final studies in Oct.

After a few olympic distances, my coach decided that I should do an IM. Alrigth, I thought, he means for next year but he actually meant for the following month!! I wasn’t happy at all as I never thought I was going to race this mad distance. So we had a bit of a discussion and my coach ended up by saying, you don’t have to do it and from now on, you just decide what kind of races you want to do. I started to have some afterthoughts- I thought that maybe there was a reason why he wanted me to do an IM so I finally gave in. I went to Embrun in France to do this IM and had a great time until my derailleur broke after 90 km of the bike. By then I had a 20min. lead, had to pull out but I thought that racing IM might not be such a bad idea.

So in the following month, I went to Almere in Holland to do an IM. I had a good swim and an awesome bike but I was so scared when I started the run as everyone had been telling me about this wall that I was going to hit after app. 30 km, it just never happened! Off course I got vey tired towards the end but luckily I got spared for that wall! My over all time was 9:08, I had absolutely no idea about times, I was just happy to have finished my first IM! This was the beginning of my long distance triathlon carrier.

I’ve done 10 IM since Almere and they’ve all been a lot harder!! I wish that they could all have been like my first one because when you do your first IM you don’t know what kind of pain to expect. But even with all this pain which for my part always has been towards the end of the rcae, I’m so happy that I discovered this crazy distance!! It really test your limits and besides of all the pain, it also gives you a lot of pleasure!