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Back in Busso trying to defend my title from 2006

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

We, my little family and I, came to Busselton on Thursday and it was great to be here again as I really like it here. Besides, the IM WA is my favourite race in the world and the organisers, IMG, have been so great and spoilt us with everything. (Big thanks to Dallas, Ken, Shane, Kim and Sarah).
Astrid, our little gorgeous daughter who’s now almost a year old, time flies, got sick on Wednesday and on Friday, she was really bad so that was a bit hard to experience. But luckily she came good and then I started to feel pretty average…saturday morning, I wasn’t able to stand on my legs. After a few apirins and a couple of hours of sleep, I finally managed to get out of bed and go to the race briefing. More aspirins and more sleep got me through the rest of the day and at night, I even started to feel quite good again and I started to believe and hope that I could still have a good race. But I never got to eat and drink as much as I normally do the day before race day.
Sunday morning, the race was off at 6 am. i missed “my” group in the swim and did all of the swim on my own trying to catch the swimmers in front of me which never happened. But I tried to stay positiv and got on my bike. After 40 min. of riding, I started vomitting and I had a hard time eating and drinking and keeping it all inside me for the rest of the ride. Still, I tried not to let all of this affect me. I was loosing time to the race leader and the winner of the race, Gina Ferguson, who had an amazing race, and I was going a lot slower than in 2006 where I set the bike record, eventhough the conditions were quite similar today.
I finished the bike and started running, I tried to stay in a positiv mind set but after 10 min., I had to stop because i felt so sick and I just stood there and vomitted, not a very pretty sight…I felt as if I’d lost all the fluid and the food that I’d been trying to eat and drink all day. I started running again and kept going until I’d done a lap, in case I started to feel better but it never happened so I decided to call it a day. Very dissapointing as I hate to pull out of races but to finish an Ironman the day after being sick just took it’s toll on me.
I would like to thank the organisers again for putting on this beautiful race and for being so fantastic to us. Hopefully i can come back next year and do a lot better.