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Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Time flies and I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since I did my hardest Ironman ever!!! Or, I guess that it wasn’t really a race, it was the day when I gave birth to my daughter, Astrid. In most of my Ironman’s, I’ve always been struggling towards the end and been in a lot of pain so before given birth, everyone was telling me that it would be an easy one for me pushing out a baby!! But I was really, really scared and didn’t really believe what people were trying to tell me. I somehow knew that this new experience was going to be something totally different and beyond the pain that I already knew!!! I decided to give birth in a little spa because the water always make me relax and feel good when I’m sore after racing. I was enduced and luckily I didn’t know that this makes the pain worse and it got so bad that I almost decided, in the last minute, not to be in the water. Wished that I did afterwards because after 90 minutes in the water, nothing had happened, except for me screaming and crying so I was pulled up and gave a normal birth with Aj and 3 mid wifes helping me pushing until Astrid finally decided to come out. Nothing can describe my feelings when I saw little Astrid for the first time, it was worth all the pain and it was just the most amazing moment to become a parent and it just gets better and better every day.
Today, I did a long run in the morning with Astrid in the babyjogger. She’s been used to me walking, running with her since she was just a few days old and luckily, she still enjoys to come for a run with mommy. I bring a few baby musli bars to make sure she’s happy and then we stop at the bakery where she gets her favorite bread roll.
Today was Sunday which is my easier day so after the run we spent the rest of the day together. I sometimes wonder what I used to do with my spare time before Astrid but I guess that my focus is just different now. I have a great time with Astrid, I enjoy every minut of the day that I spend with her and I’m lucky that she likes to snooze like mommy so she has become my little snooze partner. Most days, I get to sleep for a couple of hours with Astrid lying next to me. While I was pregnant, we did try to get our baby into a good habit…AJ would rub my big belly while saying “snooze time is a good time, snooze time is a good time” and it seemed to have helped, Astrid is a good little snoozer like mommy and daddy, let’s hope that it’ll stay that way.
When Astrid doesn’t sleep, she’s so full of energy and constantly on the move. She took her first steeps when she was 10 months old and now her walking is very fast, she almost runs around all the time. Her favorite element is the water. We took her swimming from when she was 10 weeks old and she loved the water straight away. She’s a real water baby and it’s so cool to swim with her. I can’t wait to get her on a pair of skis next year!!! I’ve promised that I’ll learn to down hill ski when Astrid starts but if she’s got her dad’s “no fear” caracter which I think she does, I might keep up for the first few weeks and then i’ll be skiing on my own while Astrid takes daddy down the black runs.
I just thought that I would give you all an insight in mother hood. I’m the only mum in the team but hopefully that won’t last, I can only recommend parent hood, it beats it all- even winning races.