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Geelong 70.3

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Geelong 70.3
This weekend I was going to race the 70.3 in Geelong as a preparation for my next Ironman, in New Zealnd in March. I was very excited to race because I haven’t really raced so much in the last couple of years and I just wanted to get a few races under my belt again.
Last time I did a race, Astrid got sick and so did I. And it all happened again, deja vu!!! On Wednesday afternoon she started vomitting again and all of Thursday, she couldn’t keep anything inside her little body and I felt pretty average too!!! Maybe she could tell that mummy was going to leave her for a couple of days for the first time??? Well, it meant that she was very clingy and wanted me to carry her around a lot which I did. Friday we were both well again but then my back twisted big time, probably because of months of not carrying and picking up Astrid properly every time. I could barely walk… Woke up on Saturday morning and still felt very twisted and could’t get myself dressed but still decided to go to Geelong so off I went, praying that I would come good before Sunday. But it didn’t really happen so I was gutted. The race started at 7 and at 6.15, I was still standing outside of the transition trying to decide what to do and then I decided just to try to give it ago, I could always just do the swim. So I did the swim and then somehow got to my bike but I had my slowest transition ever because I couldn’t run. Once I was on the bike, I felt fine, I was in the bent position that I’d been in for a couple of days so it was alright!!! I’m starting to feel the power coming back to me on the bike so I really enjoyed riding the 90 km, especially after the rain set in and it got cooler!!! Much better than the 47 degres we had the day before!! I started catching most of the girls that got away from me in the swim except for Sam Warriner who was flying up front.
So I was 3rd off the bike and then decided to call it a day, I couldn’t walk probably so why even try to run, I’ll hopefully save that for later when I race in Taupo next month. So another DNF but this time I was actually quite happy, just for me to be able to get a hard swim and bike in in these circumstances was great.
Melbourne experienced their hottest day ever mesured on Saturday, it was like an oven getting out of the airport and the winds were very strong. Lots of people lost their lives in the bushfires and even more lots their homes. AJ’s cousin Ian and his family were supposed to come and watch me race but the fires were only 2 km away from their home on Saturday night so they didn’t make it. But luckily the direction of the wind changed and they were fine. I just feel sorry for all of these people, I didn’t have to worry about bushfires but just my own little race!!!