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Ironman New Zealand

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Today, I raced my first IM of the year, Ironman New Zealnd. The Ironman takes place in Taupo which is right on Lake Taupo and it’s a very cool place. I raced here 6 years ago, long time ago, and I really liked it here so I was very excited to come back. My little family, AJ and Astrid, is here with me which makes it so much nicer. We went to the pasta party on Thursday where the entertainment was some of the local Maoris did a fantastic show and ended with the Haka, Astrid was loving it and we were too, it was just great.
The race kicked off at 6.45 this morning and for the first time ever at IM NZ, the pros were given a 15 min. head start which made it a very fair race with none of the pro girls drafting off some of the age group men. I wished that all the IM race organisers would do this. It was quite dark when we started, I don’t see so well when it’s dark so I suffered a bit…And lost the feet that I should have been able to follow…So I had a slower swim even thogh I was wearing my lovely and fast new Blue seventy wet suit that Guy Crawford gave to me a few days ago, along with a lot of other goodies, thanks a lot for that!! Well, back to the race. The transition was VERY long to get to the bikes but the good thing was, that I didn’t feel my back injury at all. Since I hurt my back before Geelong, I’ve had treatment on it, from the best physio in the world, Peter Stanton, who’s got magic hands and who always saves me- also this time, thanks Peter. So I was very happy and started to believe that maybe this time, I would actually be able to make it to the marathon and actually run the whole thing without being sick or injured.
On the bike, I felt great. I just love my new bike, the P3. And I feel so comfortable and fast on it as well. Besides, the weather was just right for a viking!! It was like a danish summer out there, a few showers and a little cold, just the way, I like it. I caught the 2 leaders, Gina and Joanna, after 60 km. We stayed together back into town and out of the town where it was a bit hilly, but once we were onto the flat again, I went to the front, took off and got away. So I ended up being the first female onto the run, nice feeling and again- no problems with my back. I haven’t done runs for more than 2 hours yet and I haven’t done any track session since before I got pregnant but this will change soon. So I knew that maybe I’m not quite ready yet to go the full marathon distance. I felt the best I’ve ever felt on the first half and I was actually in the lead until 20 km. I thought that Gina and Jo would have caught me long before then. So I led for a whole lap of the run course and got a lot of new friends!! So many people were cheering for me. So when I was struggling on the 2nd lap but not leading anymore, I still got so much support because people remembered me, nice. I ran in my new favorite running shoes, the AVIA 2231. I’m sure that they would have loved to run a bit faster on the 2nd lap, but the rough roads from the bike course and the nasty hills on the run had gotten to my legs, especially my quads. My heart could have gone faster but my legs were so close to cramping that i just had to slow down. So a couple of km’s before the finish line, Charlotte Paul caught me and I missed out on the podium. But that’s life, I couldn’t go any faster and Charlotte was running so well.
When I finally got to the finish line, I was so happy that the race was over, it got a bit tough in the end. And so happy to see AJ and Astrid at the finish line. I walked with Astrid through the tape, was scared to loose her because of cramps if I’d kept running!!
And I’m just so happy to be back on track in this Ironman circus again!!!
We’re here for another 2 days so very excited to hang out with my family and to do a bit of sight seeing, if I can walk!! Might go to the hot springs.
We’re having a very nice time here and the organisers have been so good to us, Thanks Jane.
Maybe we’ll be back next year for more punishment!!