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Road trip to Germany

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Wednesday last week, I made the decision to go up to Kraichgau, Germany to race the half IM, Challenge Kraichgau. A very late entry, I know but Rebekah contacted the organizers for me and made sure that I got a start and accomodation- thanks Bek. My triathlon bars broke in Brasil but thanks to AJ and Steve, I got some new old ones on just before I left on Saturday, lucky me, thanks guys. My mum and Astrid came with me, the car was packed and then we started our five hour trip up to the race. We got there very late afternoon, I checked in and we all got settled in our hotel.
The swim was in a beautiful lake, 1900 m. I had a good swim and excited the water with Rebekah, Keegan and James. I struggled a bit to get my arms out of my wetsuit so I had a very slow transition, next time I better use a bit of vaseline. I got unto the bike and started the 90 km into the beautiful surroundings of Kraichgau. When I got to the first hill and changed from the big to the small chain ring, my chain came off. Oh no, I was thinking not a mechanical problem again!! The chain actually jumps out off the little wheel below the derailleur so I had to get off the bike and had a hard time getting it back on again, and this happened not just once but twice again, better get that sorted… The course was extremely technical and I’m not so probably the worst bike course for me but I still really enjoyed every second of it, it was beautiful and with a lot of variation. The bike was one 90 km loop and we finished in the middle of the town of Bad Schoernborn. Doc had told me to run a negative split so I tried not to run to hard in the beginning and I almost made it, the negative split!!! Gotta start even slower next time. I felt great on the run and was able to push hard all the way and loved the red bull on the course!!!
It was great to finish and to find my mum and Astrid at the finish line. It was an awesome race, the Germans really understand to put on a good race. Lots of spectators and the best atmosphere and the coolest music at the finish line. It’s the first Challenge race that I’ve ever done and I| was very impressed!!
At 17.30 in the afternoon, we packed the car again and in front of me was now the worst part of the whole trip, the 5 hour drive back to Switzerland but we’d all had a great time.

Ironman Brasil

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Yesterday I raced Ironman Brasil. The race took place in the southern part of Brasil, on an island called Florianopolis, a very beautiful part of the country. The start was a mass start with the pros starting 10 meters in front but this doesn’t really make any different because it seems as it just gives the agegroupers more room to run us down when they start behind us!!! So in the first 5 min. of my swim, I just got run over and swum over by all these people, one big mess but then you just have to go with the flow and get out of all the mess as soon as you can. The water was very rough and it felt as if it took forever to do the course. I had a really good swom, for the first time in a long time, I actually could say that I swam well. I was only 1 1/2 minut down on the swim leader, Dede so it was a very good start for me. Onto the bike I felt great and by the 25 km mark, I was in 2nd place and then I punctured, for the very first time ever in a race. I was lucky to have mechanics right there but for some reason they were just not so good at getting tyres on and off, I wished that I’d done it myself so that I could only get angry with me!! And it took them an eternity to put the wheel back on as the cervelo back wheel has to go on in a special way and the wouldn’t let me do it so it was a bit of a farce. Well, onto the bike again after a lot of girls had caught me and put minutes into me but I knew that I was riding well and was aiming to catch them all again. After 100 km, I was in 4th positon and had almost caught the 3rd girl when the left side of my tri handlebars broke and I almost came off. So for the rest of the ride, the was no more riding in the time trail position, I had to sit upright, I’ve got a very sore neck and shoulders today!!! I caught the 3rd girl a little later, she stayed with me for a while but then I finally got away from her until my chain came off up one of the hills and I had to get of to get it back on!!! So then I was passed agin but once on hte bike again it didn’t take me long to get back into the 3rd spot. I held this position onto the run. I tried to push it a bit in the beginning of the run and I felt alright. After 20 km or so, I didn’t feel so great anymore and I really started to slow and by the 22 km mark, I just couldn’t get around the fact that I had to do another 20 km so I stopped. I always hate to stop and normally only stop if I’m injured or sick, I was just so tired that I couldn’t go on. Well, never a good thing to stop so I just have to forget about this race and try to look forward to the next one. Well done to Reinaldo who finished second.