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Back on the podium

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

On Sunday, I raced IM Switzerland. Normally it’s the bike that is my strength and that gives me a lead on the good runners but today, I was saved by my run!!! And because I managed to pull out a good run, I finished 3rd.
I had an alright swim but I was leading my pack for the second and last lap and by the time the swim was finished, I went to the right instead of the left, unzipped my wetsuit and took off my swim cap when I realized that I had to get back into the water to swim to the other side. So I jumped in again with my unzipped wetsuit and swam an extra 25 m.!!!
The bike course consisted of two laps. Unfortunately, it had been raining and I hate wet roads but it wasn’t too bad, I was on the flat. After 30 km or so, it got a bit more undulating but I was thinking, this course really isn’t too bad!! But half way through the lap, the climbs got a bit steeper which also meant steeper downhills…And I’m just not a descender, the joke is that I climb faster than I descend, and it’s not even a joke… so I lost so much time going down. I was better on the the 2nd lap though because the roads were dry but I was still a catastrophe. Unfortunately, there was a lot of drafting on the course. I hate drafting and I always try to avoid it but it was almost impossible to avoid it so after the 2nd lap, I just sat upright on the flat behind a big group pf 50 guys or so with a heart rate of 100. Too many people on the course and besides, the organisers only gave the pros a 5 minutes head start on the age groupers and not 15- 30 minutes which means that as a pro girl you really have to ride most of the course on your own. This is a massive problem in our sport. More and more races give us this head start but it has to be all the races that do it to make it fair and individuel. But eventhough I was in a group myself this time, I lost it descending…
I’ve always been scared and worried about the marathon because I always hurt like hell on the last part of it and haven’t really been able to figure out yet how to do a good last half. This Sunday, I got off the bike and felt good. It was a 4 lap course and it was the best course, I’ve ever seen. There were spectators everywhere, it was awesome. I tried to run the best that I could and felt alright. I got passed by a couple of faster runners but I didn’t let it affect me. I was a bit scared of the 4th and last lap and the pain that I know so well. I had to stop to vomit big time after 32 km or so, people were looking at me because it doesn’t sound so nice and then when they see me continuing after this little episode they look twice!!! But then I started to feel good, better than I’ve ever felt in a marathon before!!! And my last lap might even have been the fastest!!! With 5 km, Doc was screamimg out loud, pretend that you’re just doing a short distance!!! So that’s what I did. I was in 4th place by then, I caught the girl in 3rd place and with 2 km to go, I could see the girl in 2nd place. I pushed as hard as I could but I ran out of time and she beat me by only 30 seconds!!!
But I was vey happy to be back on the podium and most of all to be feeling so good toward the end of the marathon.
Big thanks to my mum. She’s been helping us out for the last 2 months, she’s great with Astrid and we’ll struggle now that she’s back in Denmark, fortunately only for a short time and then she’ll be back again.
And thanks to Doc for screaming at me!!!