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European Champs

Monday, August 10th, 2009

On Saturday, I raced the European Championship in Prague. It was like racing back 30 years ago, or actually I wouldn’t know since I didn’t race back then but that was the way it felt like as the organisation was pretty poor. The swim wasn’t too bad organised, it was in a river and it was quite easy to figure out where to go but once we got onto our bikes, there were a few things that could have been different. There was only one water station, the helpers were hard to spot because they were their own clothes and they were just standing still, not trying to run with us as we came on our bikes, the water bottles were only 500 ml, the lids were still tight on them and there were only a few handed out. Some of the slower pros and age groupers didn’t even get any water towards the end because the organiser ran out of bottles. I was lucky to have our national coach, Michael there who handed out extra bottles for us but that was only for the elite. The bike course was actually really cool, 20 km, first a flat section and then a steeper section and then a pretty steep section before the turn around. I rode with my 53-12 but wished that I’ve had a bit heavier gearing on because I was just spinning down the hill instead of being able to really push but lots of people had to do like me. No one counted our laps and no one showed where to turn after the last lap so luckily that for once I knew exactly where to go and how many laps I’d done!!! On the run there wasn’t any kilometer signs which I always use a lot, especially on the first few km’s so that I know that I’m not going to fast . But since there was none, I couldn’t do that. There was only a few helpers showing us where to go on the run, otherwise the run direction was marked by chalk on the ground!!! Luckily it didn’t rain!!! There were only a few aid stations which was a shame because it was very hot but worst of all, there was NO coke!!! We knew of this before we started so the danish national team had organised their only little bottles with coke but it was only 6 times during the whole course that we could drink our own and unfortunately, our coke still had a lot of gas in it so it was very hard to drink!!!
I had an alright swim, coming out of the water, I was 4 min behind Lucie which is OK. I felt good on the bike and within the 2nd lap, I’d caught Lucie and everyone else except for Virginia who later on won the race. I remained in 2nd place for the whole ride. I’ve been running well in training so I was very excited about running the 30 km off the bike. But I didn’t feel the best and I never really found a good rythme like I did when I raced the IM in Zurich 4 weeks ago. Maybe I started out too fast. I was still in 2nd after 28 km but then I got passed by Edith and then Charlotte and unfortunately, there was nothing I could do, my legs couldn’t run any faster!!! So it was my turn to get the chocolate medal this time!!! A little dissapointing but that’s racing and I had a good day of training and a very nice time with my friends from the national team.