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News from training camp in Leysin

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

A few days after I came back from Louisville 3 weeks ago, everyone had left and had gone to Jeju. I decided to stay here because it would be too hard for Brett having to look after Astrid while coaching as well!!! And since Aj has had a real job for the last year, he wasn’t able to come with me to help out. And here in Leysin, we do have a great creche that Astrid loves and then we’ve got my new helper as well, the chariot, a bike- and run trailer!! So much easier to stay here for me. I was really sad though when everyone was gone. But I’ve been so lucky, the weather has been amazing, a real indian summer. I do miss my training partners though, not so much on the bike where I normally train on my own anyway but for the swims in the mornings and for the track sessions. But guess what, I managed to convince Aj to come and swim with me a couple of times a week and last time, I think that he even did 1500m!!! He still looks very good in the water, guess you can’t take away talent!!! Can’t get him to join me on the track though…
My mum left 3weeks ago and I can definately tell!! She made my life a lot easier. But Astrid and I will see her in Kona next week where she’ll join us and help me out for the big race.
So Astrid and I are getting ready to fly out next week and to see everyone again.

One step closer to the top

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Exactly one year ago, I went to Louisville with AJ to do the Ironman. It was only 8 months after I gave birth to Astrid so I was still breast feeding so both my mum and Astrid came with us and we had such a nice time. Therefore, it was not hard for me to make up my mind wether to race this Ironman again or not , unfortunately without my family this time.
Last year, I ended up in medical and the doctor who looked after me was Kelli Miller. Kelli is an obstetrician and we had a lot to talk about since I’d just given birth and we got on really well and exchanged emails. Kelli said to me that if ever I came back to race the following year, I could always stay with her, her husband Jeff and their 4 year old daughter Olivia. So I took her offer and I’ve just had the greatest home stay, it’s been so nice. Besides, Kelli was actually going to do her first Ironman. See, that’s a real challenge!! Being a doctor working 40- 60 hours per week, being a mum and wife and then preparing for an Ironman!!! Luckily, she’s got Jeff!!
On race morning, we all got up early, earlier than usual for me but since it was Kelli’s first Ironman, she wanted to get there early to prepare well and for me it meant for once that I had loads of time before the race and therefore wasn’t the last pro to leave the transition which was quite nice!
All the pros had a separate headstart before all the agegroupers got in the water. I tried to hang onto the group in front of me but I struggled and had to let them go and therefore I ended up being in front of my group for the entire swim. It was a non suit swim which I really like and I felt strong the whole way, just wished that I’d had someone a bit faster to pull me along because I lost 3-4 min. to Nina Kraft and Maki. After a quick transition, I got onto my bike. The course is flat for 30 min. or so, then we do an out and back on rolling hills, then two laps on more rolling hills and then back into town again. Normally, I prefere the flat courses but I really enjoyed the course here this year, I must be getting better at getting up those little hills!!! And not too tecnical so I didn’t loose much time there!!! And then I had my lovely new HED 3 spokes on my P3, nothing wrong with my equipment, now I just had to deliver!! I knew that Maki and Nina were in front of me but didn’t exactly know by how much. It took me 2 hours to catch Maki and then Nina a bit later. But from then on, I started to feel so good on the bike and I quickly got away from them. I’m starting to feel really strong on the bike again which was such a nice feeling, I even passed some of the pro men on my way back into town- and that always makes you feel good!!! I rode 5.02 and broke the bike record.
I quickly got ready for the run and headed out. First you do an out and back on a bridge and then you do 2 laps. After I’d finshed my out and back on the bridge, I saw Nina and could tell that she was app. 9 min. behind. I just had to worry about my own speed and was hoping that I could run fast enough to stay in the lead. Unfortunately, Nina caught me after a couple of hours or so. But I stayed focused and kept going as fast as I could. As always, it was great when I finally got to the finish line!!!
Afterwards I was taken to medical where I had a great time!!! I saw familiar faces, some of the nurses from last year and they recognized me too so it was cool lying there, having a good chat, a nice cup of soup and a massage!!
I didn’t get out there in time to see Kelli, my home stay, finishing because she was a lot faster than expected!! She finsihed her first Ironman in 11.40 so that was pretty cool.
Today I’m flying back home to the swiss mountains. Tomorrow night it’s time for something different, I’m taking Aj to see Coldplay, can’t wait!!