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Ironman WA

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

On Saturday, I started Ironman WA. This race was supposed to be my last and Ironman number 5 this year. I won this race in 2006, it’s my favorite race in the world and I love it here.
My training had been going well except for a few back issues but they were almost gone.
It’s always an early start here, at 6 am the gun went off for all the pros. I had an Ok swim, I managed to get on the legs of a few guys and to stay there. The start was pretty hard but then it slowed down and it was easy just to stay in this group.
After the swim, I got into the transition tent where 2 very nice ladies helped me pulling my wet suit off me, they pulled so hard that I felt off the chair so we all had a good laugh!!!
Onto the bike which is my favorite leg. The course here is a 60 km loop that we have to do 3 times and it’s totally flat.
I actually felt a bit flat myself once I started but often it takes me a bit to get going. I often vomit a bit in my races but I’ used to this so it doesn’t bother me. And so far this I’d been lucky- not too much throwing up!!! But on Saturday it started pretty early and it just never stopped. Everything I took in came up again. I always ride with my own drink that I like and that I’m used to but I thought that maybe my stomach for some reason had a problem with it so I tried to drink what was out on the course but the result didn’t change, it all came up. After 120 km. I got caught by Charlotte Paul and now my goal was just to try to stay with her. I managed until 155 km and then it just hurt to much when I was vomiting and I had to slow down and 5 km later I had to stop and then my breakfast came up and I had diarrhea too and then I had nothing left in my body. I always wanted to finish the bike course even though I rode a lot slower than what I normally do but I just had no more energy to do just one more pedal stroke.
I got picked up by an ambulance and taken to medical where I got some anti vomiting drugs. It wasn’t anti nauseous though so for the rest of the day I still felt sick and had a few toilet visits!!!
I don’t know why I got sick maybe I had a bug in the body, it’s hard to know. Astrid was sick on the Sunday before the race and she got sick on the plane when we travelled out as well. So that might be why. Since I’ve had Astrid I’ve been sicker that I ever have. So now I’ve decided that I’ll have to try to go to races without bringing her!!! It’s getting frustrating to do all the hard training then comes race day and I get sick and it’s all been a waste.