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Challenge Wanaka

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

A long time ago, I decided that I would like to do the Ironman distance Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand. A few of my friend had done the race and they’d always told me what an amazing place Wanaka is. So last week, I got on the plane and went to Wanaka and I didn’t get disappointed, what an amazing place. After 3 months in Australia where especially the lat month has been very hot and humid, it was nice to be breathing again. Wanaka is surrounded by mountains and because their summer so far had been quite cold, there was even a little bit of snow left on some of the mountains. Wanaka is right on the lake too and the water is so clean that you can drink it. But because of the bad summer weather, a lot of the water in the lake was coming from the mountains so on race morning it was only 13.6!!!
I got picked up at the airport by Felix who is the main organizer of all of the Challenge races, the nicest guy and full of passion for our sport. He drove me to the edgewater resort where I stayed through out the race, the nicest resort that I’ve ever stayed in before a race, as one of the other athletes said, I got the jackpot!!! It was right on the lake with an amazing view so I almost forgot about racing…
The race was on Saturday and we all started at 7. I got in to warm up and even though I’d been in already a few times, it was still a shock to my body to get i the 13.6 cold water. It was hard to try to go fast, the muscles just didn’t react very well but finally after 57 min, the swim was over. I could barely get my wetsuit off and struggled to get into my bike shoes. I also struggled to get my legs going, they just didn’t want to push. But after 3 hours, I finally got into race mode…and I was finally able to go a bit harder, I think that I was enjoying the beautiful scenery a bit too much. Unfortunately, i was already a long way behind Gina and Rebekah. The run course was stunning and constantly up and down. Time went fast because it was the most amazing run course but a little too much up and down for a giant!!! I had very sore legs when I finally got to the finish line.
It was the greatest experience for me going to Wanaka. It’s a little paradise. Thanks so much to Victoria, the race organizer, for looking after me so well and to Felix. I also had the best time hanging out with my Team mates Bek and Keegan, thanks guys.