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Where’s everyone???

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

It’s been more than a month now that I’ve been back in Leysin in the swiss mountains. I knew that I would be the only one from the squad here for a while but I expected that someone from the squad would start to show up this week!! Where are you all??? Anyway, don’t hurry to get here right now because it’s been pretty cold and rainy for the last couple of weeks. April was amazing and it was almost summer and I did some really good training outside but then May came and it’s pretty horrible!!!
Lately, I’ve been watching some good movies on the turbo in front of the televison but I’ll much rather be riding outside unless it’s almost snowing like right now!!!
Last week, we did get lucky though. AJ and a good friend of ours, Thomas, decided that they were going to do a bike race. The weather was beautiful that day and perfect for racing. And they asked me, why don’t you come, so why not. I haven’t raced much in the last couple of months since I don’t have a time trial bike here and am waiting for my new bike. We drove for 1 1/2 hour to get to Lyss where the bike race was held. We were all very excited. The race consisted of 3*34 km. We got to the race, we registered, I went to the ladies room, walked down the stairs and saw someone familiar!! I turned my head once, then twice and then a third time, it was Cancelara!!! He’d decided to do this race as a little warm up for his race, the same distance, the next day.
AJ, Thomas and I got on our bikes to do a little warm up. After 15 min or so we decided to get to the start but then everything went wrong…None of the marshalls could really tell us where to go and we where sent in a wrong direction and when we finally got bak on track, we went as hard as we could to get to the start as it was getting a bit late…AJ heard the gun, 1 min before we actually got there!! Bummer, bummer. What to do then? We were all so dissapointed. The next start, which was 2*34 km was 15 min later. So we decided to race anyway but just to do this distance instead!! I raced the 2 laps as hard as I could and really enjoyed it. AJ and Thomas did 1 lap and then waited for Cancelara and his group to come around for his 3rd and last lap.
Even though we missed the start, we all had a really good time and I would love to do another bike race again soon.
I am getting a bit bored here training on my own so hopefully, dear squad, you will soon show up.