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European Champs in Spain

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

On Saturday, I raced the European Champs long distance in Vitoria in Spain. I flew into Bilbao on the Wednesday before and met up with my danish team mates. We stayed in a hotel a little outside of Vitoria. Vitoria is a beautiful city and it was a perfect place to have a race. The lake that we had to swim in, was a little outside of town. The lake was in an amazing area and the water was as clean as here in the lakes in Switzerland!! We got to swim in the lake a few times before the race and it was great. We also did a bit of riding on the bike course, the roads were great, a beautiful area and not much traffic, a perfect place for a training camp.
The race started at 9 on the Saturday morning. It was nice to start this late…that meant a good sleep and not too much rush in the morning!!
The swim was one 4 km loop. I didn’t have a fantastic swim but it was OK. The bouys were far apart and at times, it was very hard to know where to go!!! I got out of the water and felt very dizzy and had a hard time running to my bike and to get out of my wetsuit. I finally got on my bike and started riding. I didn’t feel to bad but I realized that I still haven’t got my old and fast bike legs back!!! I never caught the girls in front of me that I normally would have caught, had I been ridng like I used too. Well, what could I do, not so much, I just tried to stay focused and to keep going and to think of this race as a good day of training. So I kept going and somehow finished the 120 km. I got off my bike and started the 30 km. I felt alright and eventhough I knew I was far behind the leaders, I just kept going. I finally got to the finish line and ended up in 6th place. It wasn’t my greatest european champs but I still enjoyed it all. I had a very nice time, as always, with my danish team mates and our national coach Michael. Our danish guys did really well, Martin came 2nd and wasn’t far behind the winner, Eneko Llanos and Jimmy was 3rd, well done guys.

Challenge France

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Like my 2 team mates, Rebekah and James, I also raced in Alsace in France on the weekend. I really like the Alsace area, it’s beautiful so it was nice to be back again, only 2 weeks after my last visit. The swim took place in a river and half way through the swim, I thought, this can’t be half way already, I wonder if I’ve missed something and that we have to get out of the water and do one more lap!!! So when I got to the finish of the swim, I had to look up a few times to check that we didn’t have to swim around the course one more time. But we didn’t, that was it!!! The swim was a bit short though but I still had an ok swim and didn’t loose to much time to the leaders. I’ve been struggling a bit on my bike this year and this race was another struggle!!!I pushed the best that I could but felt a bit tired and weak but hopefully I’ll get my strength back again. I normally feel great on the bike and not so great on the run but on Sunday this was the opposite. I got off the bike and felt really good running. I just wished that I had a little more speed!!!But hopefully I’ll find that too!!I was very far behind Rebekah but so were we all!! She was on fire and did amazingly well. I feel sorry for James and his puncture but I’m sure that he’ll soon be on the top on the podium somewhere else.“““““““““““““““““““““““““

A little hit out in Obernai

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

On Sunday, I did a little race in Obernai, a lovely little town situated in Alsace. Astrid, my mum and I packed the car the day before and then we drove for close to 4 hours to get to the race. I actually won this race in 2000 and I’d always wanted to come back but it had just never fitted into my plans until this year. On race morning it was raining and I was a bit scared that the weather forecast would be as predicted, rain and cloudy. But we were lucky, suddenly the sun came out and even though is was a little cold, it never rained on us in the race which was great. I had a bit of a rusty swim, I was a bit slow in the beginning and swam next to some giant who kept hitting me in the head so when I finally got sick of this, I swam over his back to get away. I caught two girls at the end but another 2 girls were already 2 minutes up the road. On the bike, I chased as hard as I could. It was very windy and I actually had a hard time staying in my tri bars!! We rode the first 20 km on the flat and then we hit Mont d’Odile, Obernai’s little mountain. I remembered this mountain as not being very step and long. By the time when I though, this is it, the climb is over, it actually started…And it just kept going on. Finally, we got to the top. And then the descending could begin!!! Luckyly, I’d forgotten how long and step the descente was…then I would probably have stayed away. I’m just not a descender and I probably set a new record for this course in going down as slowly as possible!!! In my next life, I definately want to b a descender. At the age of 2, I’ll start practising descending on my bike and on skis!!!
Well, so I did loose quite a bit of time. I was happy to finally get off my bike and to start the run which was 10 km. The run was 500 on the flat, then 2 km up, then 2 km down and then agian 500 m on the flat before another lap. I felt great running and wished that it had been a bit longer.
It was good to finish and the best thing about racing in France is always the selection of food at the finish line!!! Cakes, bread, melons, amonds and a lot more!!!
The next day, we did a bit of seight seeing in Obernai before driving back to Leysin.
My race wasn’t the greatest but it was a good training day and I got very well looked after by the organisation and I can recommend this race to everyone.