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Challenge France « Lisbeth Kristensen's Blog


Challenge France

Like my 2 team mates, Rebekah and James, I also raced in Alsace in France on the weekend. I really like the Alsace area, it’s beautiful so it was nice to be back again, only 2 weeks after my last visit. The swim took place in a river and half way through the swim, I thought, this can’t be half way already, I wonder if I’ve missed something and that we have to get out of the water and do one more lap!!! So when I got to the finish of the swim, I had to look up a few times to check that we didn’t have to swim around the course one more time. But we didn’t, that was it!!! The swim was a bit short though but I still had an ok swim and didn’t loose to much time to the leaders. I’ve been struggling a bit on my bike this year and this race was another struggle!!!I pushed the best that I could but felt a bit tired and weak but hopefully I’ll get my strength back again. I normally feel great on the bike and not so great on the run but on Sunday this was the opposite. I got off the bike and felt really good running. I just wished that I had a little more speed!!!But hopefully I’ll find that too!!I was very far behind Rebekah but so were we all!! She was on fire and did amazingly well. I feel sorry for James and his puncture but I’m sure that he’ll soon be on the top on the podium somewhere else.“““““““““““““““““““““““““

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