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Highway to hell « Lisbeth Kristensen's Blog


Highway to hell

Was the song that the organisers played just before the race start of the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon and now I konw why they played it!!!

Brett has never wanted me to do the Alpe d’Huez long distance triathlon because the race just didn’t suit me, the bike course is just not made for me, too steep climbs which also mean steep descentes which are not my cup of tea, people say that I go up faster than down and turning into a mum probably did’t help that issue!!!
But I needed a race. Besides, my mum had gone home and Astrid’s creche was closed for a couple of weeks, I was a bit stuck!! So coach saved me, he said we’ll go and do this race and my girls will help you out with Astrid. So off we went to Alpe d’Huez, Astrid and I. Fiona, Sophie and Zali were the best baby sitters and Astrid adores them and had the best time with them. Thanks so much!! 10 years ago, I did a little training camp in Alpe d’huez, actually 1 in the winter and 1 in the summer. So it was funny to be back again.
Race day arrived and we all descended from Alpe d’Huez down to the lake. The lake was a little cold but actually warmer than I expected so the shock when I got into the water wasn’t too big!! It was a 2 km swim, I felt really good and I got out of the water with James and Bek so I was very happy!! Onto the bike and off I went. I was fine until I hit the first climb, then these little tiny girls started to pass me, that’s when I really feel like a giant!! But I just kept doing my own pace, there wasn’t much else to do. Down the hill, I was going at my usual snail pace so got passed by a few people. Then it was flat for a while again and my legs were a lot more pleased and then suddenly there was this climb again that I didn’t expect. It’d been going uphill for a bit when on a sign it said “10 km to the top”!!! Oh no, not another climb, luckily this wasn’t as steep and I felt a bit better. I got to the top and did the same old “breaking non stop” down the hill…i finally got to the bottom and then the rest of the course was quite technical until I had the bottom of Alpe d’Huez. Going up this famous climb, I couldn’t really race it, I coulod just get into my 28-ring, luckily I had this, and get to the top bit by bit, corner by corner and finally I got there!!
I must admit that I wasn’t so much in the mood for running now!!! I’d lost so much time descending that i wasn’t in the best state of mind. But I knew that astrid was out there on the run course, waiting for mummy to come so i put on my running shoes and off I went. A little bit afterwards, I saw her with Fiona, Zali and Sophie and she was clapping and saying ” go mummy”, it was very special.
Earlier on, coach had said, you’ll be running at altitude, at 1800 meters which means that you can push hard and not blow up!! Well, I better push hard now and check out this theory!!
So I pushed as hard as I could all the way and felt great for the entire run, it was may best run ever. I ended up in 5th place, I was 3 sec. behind the 4th girl and almost caught her at the end. I had a very good day of training, that’s what I came for.
thanks again to Fiona, Zali and Sophie for looking after Astrid.

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