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Challenge Copenhagen

It’s in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. My mum and Astrid are asleep next door in a hoteln room so I’m sitting in the bath room writing my blog!
Today, I raced Challenge Copenhagen. I decided 1 year ago to do this race and I’ve been excited about it ever since. I lived in Copenhagen for almost 10 years and the race start took place almost where I used to live.
The day before race day was horrible!! It started to rain very, very heavily. I’ve never ever seen anything like it before in denmark even though we do get tons of rain here!!! It was the most that it had been raining within such a short time in 35 years!!! I meet one of the organisers around 21 pm at night and he had to go to transition 1 because a lot of the bikes were under water and 200 helmets were floating around!! Some of the main highways were closed for traffic the next day because there was so much water and a lot of the cars were under water.
A lot of water in Denmark means a lot of punctures!!! I thought, I better be well prepared. So instead of just on CO2 cylinder, I took 2. And I took my tyre leavers, in case the tyre was glued on to hard.
race day arrived, the horrible rain had stopped, or at least, it only rained a little bit. The roads were still wet though.
I had a great swim and excited the water with 3 other girls, Hillary, Rebekah and Belinda. Onto the bike, I felt good and enjoyed the ride of my beautiful white P3!! I stayed within sight of Belinda, Rebekah was a bit further up the road. I really felt good on the bike and I was very excited to get off the bike as well to run because I’m probably running the best that I ever have. But around the 80 km mark, we had to go over a few cobble stones. I thought that my bike felt a bit bit strange and rightly so, I had a flat. I stopped to fix it. I knew that I was a long way in front of the next few girls and I was still pretty confident that I could still have a very good day. So I started hammering away, the best that i could. Another 30 km, and I got a flat again!! Looking back, I wished that I’d brought a second spare but I didn’t and I normally never do!!! There was no wheel stop or any cars on the course with extra wheels so that was the end of that race. I am so very dissapointed…I really, really wanted to do well. Besides, the run took place in the heart of Copenhagen, all my family is here and lots of my friend and I know that I would have seen a lot of familar faces out there on the run, it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m finally feeling really fit and then a mechanical problem stops me, bummer!!! I wasn’t the only one though. Lots of my danish friend had punctures like me, 2-3 of them…When it rains in Denmark, we get a lot of little flint stones on the roads and they just kill the tyres!!!
It’s such a shame…The organisers put on a great race and I just really wished that I could have finished it, I felt so good out there and it’s always nice to be on home soil. I can recommend this race to every one for next year. Copenhagen is my favorite city in the world and it’s the best place to have a race.

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