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3rd at IM Klagenfurt

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I am just sitting at Starbucks coffe at Vienna airport, waiting for my flight back home to Johannesburg. Luckily here is wireless internet connection, so i am able to write short report about my race in Klagenfurt.

I had really good preparation in Leysin and i was looking forward to race again. Swim went according to plan, i swam with top guys. Unusually it was quite big pack – about 10 people and we were fighting almost whole way. After second buoy someone half opened my zip at my wetsuit but luckily it didnt give me any problem and i was able to stay in front. I left water as first girl and 4th overall. Yeah all the swimming with pull gears is working :-)
Once on bike i tried to maintain my lead but didnt feel my usual power. I came out of the bike together with Bella and Sonja Taisich and knew that i would have to have exceptional run to keep up with them. It was very hot on run and there were lot of spectators cheering around. I was trying to find my rhythm but struggled a bit. But positive thing is that even if i didnt have my best day, i finished 3rd in my PB 9:07.

It was very special to see all of us from Team TBB on podium, James has great day (but we all knew how good he can be :-) ). And family Bayliss was great as usual. Bella completely deserve to win and she did in 2nd fastest time ever at IM races.


Klagenfurt, here we are :-)

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

After one year, I am back in Klagenfurt. Last year I finished here 5th in 9:13 and I hope to improve both, position and time. My training last few weeks went well and I was actually quite sad to leave Leysin yesterday. It is really lovely small and quiet place and I could easily imagine to live there.
Our way to Klagenfurt was long but went quickly, thanks to Erica car and James, who is good driver and good company too.
I got really nice accommodation in Hotel Seehotel Hofnersee, it is about 15km from race area, just next to small lake and camp full of children at holiday.
Today was usual Friday before the race, some rest, press conference, pre race briefing and interview for tv, short swim and even more rest. Getting ready for Sunday!

here are few pictures from today from my friend Pieter


Cat story

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I am real cat lover. I think we have it in family, my parents have two cats, my sister has two cats and I have one cat at home too. I am pretty sure that it will not take long time and I will have second one, my one seems to be lonely sometimes. Especially when I am away for longer time. I get so used to have Ballou (my cat) all the time around, sleeping in our bed and attacking our feet. This is his favorite game at 4 o clock in the morning :-)
When I arrived to Leysin and checked in my apartment, there was cat walking around. Later I found out that there are two of them here. You can imagine how happy I was, even more that both cats were really friendly and you could stroke them and carry them without problems. First week here, we were just missing each other and I almost didn’t see them at all. But then one day, one of them walked with me to my apartment. I shared with her really equally tin of tuna – she got tuna, I got empty tin… Since that time I have new roommate. Every day in shop I make sure I have enough of cat food. You could not believe how much she is able to eat. I even started to joke that she could be bulimic :-)media-101 Every time she eat whole plate (now special cat food, not tuna anymore), and after this, she leaves for a while and then come back and wants to eat even more. And then yesterday finally I saw I might be right, after eating whole plate again, she started throwing up everything. Yip, I know cats are just cleaning their stomach from hair ball this way. But just for sure I bought today different kind of food for her – of course better one. In the end, she is my roommate now and I want her to feel comfortable!

Last few days she developed new habit and it is waking me up in the morning. I don’t need alarm anymore! She is touching me, walking on me, and all other things as long as I get up and filled her plate with food :-)