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This is Africa…

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I have lived off and on for about 3 years in South Africa and up till now not been directly or indirectly affected by the high crime levels in an otherwise beautiful country. Today after our group ride with many of my friends, I became all too aware that crime is a problem in this country and it affects you even if it happens to someone else. An Ironman athlete, preparing for IM South Africa next year, Daniel Robus, was unfortunately held up at gun point in his driveway after he had arrived home after training. To make matters worse his 3 year old daughter was in the car with him. Just after he had driven in to his driveway, a black Mercedes with several criminals screeched in behind him and managed to get through the electric gate as it was closing. They demanded money which he didn’t have on him and after dragging him into the house and threatening to kill his daughter they left with a laptop, some money and I think a wallet and mobile phone. During the robbery, the Cleaner alerted Daniel’s brother, Raymond, who is also Ironman athlet. Raymond raced to his brothers aid and on the way to his house he managed to alert the police who then followed. Luckily the Police managed to apprehend the criminals after they had also broken into two other houses and stolen another vehicle to make their getaway. The Police also shot dead one of the criminals near Sandton, several kilometers away. I am happy that Daniel and his daughter were not hurt. Obviously they will be affected by this incident and it will be a struggle to get back to normal happy life but I’m sure they will. You have to be aware of the potential for crime in South Africa and be careful when travelling here. I still think that it is one of the best places to live and I just wish the government does more about crime because South Africa is worth it!


Daniel and his family at IM South Africa 2009

Not my best day

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

On Saturday I started in Prague in ITU long distance European championship. It was after long time I raced again in Czech and I was really motivated to do well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have good day. Swimming was still fine, immediately after start I went to the front and came out of water first with 1 minute gap in front of second Charlotte Koltres. Once on bike I hoped that I will be able to hold my advantage. But very soon my legs stopped cooperating with me. In 2nd lap from 6th, other girls started passing me and I wasn’t able to stay with them. I felt weak and whole my body wanted to stop and throw my bike to the ditch. But I still tried to push and do my best at that day. I finished cycling on 6th position and hold this till finish. I was really disappointed, because my parents and lot of my friends came to watch and cheer for me.
Now I am leaving back to South Africa and I am even more motivated to put some good training in and have much better rest of the season.