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Swimming with dolphins « Lucie Zelenkova's Blog


Swimming with dolphins

before the swim getting into my speedsuit

before the swim getting into my speedsuit

I made it safely from Jeju to Hawaii, got my luggage and met my boyfriend. Today morning, it was my first training here, I went for short swim on swimming course. After about 200m of swimming and trying to find right direction, I just noticed some really big fish swimming under me….when I looked better, I saw three dolphins. Yay, my heart jumped with excitement, because swimming with dolphins was one of my dreams, I just love these animals! I followed them, completely forgot about swimming on the course and say that there was not only three of them but about 30! It was just amazing, I spend next half an hour just diving with them, they probably thought, I am just one of them thanks to my Blueseventy pointzero3 speedsuit. I had great times and I am pretty sure it means good luck for me!

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