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Ironman Hawaii « Lucie Zelenkova's Blog


Ironman Hawaii

Hawaii is really nice place, which I am enjoying a lot at this moment for holiday. But race day wasn’t my best day. I had good swim, after start I found myself in legs of Pete Jacobs and then few more guys passed me. I finished swimming in first big group of guys and I was first woman out of water, with little bit over 2 minutes in front of my teammate Tez and Leanda Cave.
Once on bike I tried to find my rhythm but my legs seemed to be quite heavy. I felt like car which is not able to change from 3rd gear higher, to 4th and 5th one. I still thought it is long day and it will just get better. I was leading till about 20miles when Chrissie passed me. Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to stay with her or with any other girl who passed me and I came to second transition around 12th place.
I was happy to start running and hoped for feeling better. But it never happened, I was hot, my body refused to cooperate with me and I really struggled. I wanted to finished anyway, even if it wasn’t race I hoped for. It was my longest and hardest marathon run ever. So I have to come back next year to do better!
I was really happy to se Tez having great race and I am really proud of her!

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