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The cooking for IM Louisville

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Before show the cooking video, I show this video bellow.

May be you already has seen on the “Tom’s Corner”.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m from Osaka.

Most pepole who lives in Osaka do this.

Anyway, This is my cooking for IM Louisville video.

Here we go !!!

YouTube Preview Image

Then today’s dinner “Chirashi zushi”.

It’s kind of Sushi but no law fish.

I will swim hard!!!

What are you eating here??

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


I come to the Swiss camp.

20days has passed.

I’m doing good training .

For team mates, what are you eating here?

I brought Japanese food.


Miso soup.

Coach’s favorite “Okonomiyaki” source.

Japanese noodle  etc…

Meat is expensive at here.

So cooking is difficult.


Day 1

Miso soup, Fried rice, Fried chicken, Salada



Day 2

Thai curry, Salad.

I like curry.



Day 3

Hamburger steak, Egg soup, Salad



Day 4

Curyy again!!


Uh…I want korean food!!