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Avia Rocks !!!!

Friday, January 23rd, 2009


Hi all

well like many of the TBB athletes I got my Avia shoes not too long ago and Im stoke. I want to thank Julie and everyone in Avia for joining this great squad and I’m hoping to meet most of them soon so that they can put a face to the shoes ;)
other than that Im running last minute erins all over Miami, since every year I only get to spend 2 months here I always try to catch up with friend once I get here and before I leave. I’m leaving to Subic on the 3rd coming back to Florida on april 21st. I cant wait to meet the rest of the squad and start working on my tan while training in 90 F wheater :)

gtg now




Saturday, January 10th, 2009


Happy new year, right now I’m at home in Miami the best place to be in the US during the winter if you are allergic to the snow (like I am). You see in previous forum post I have read from Doc and from one of my teammates how in Scotland they handle the winter just because they are “Scots” for me is the opposite, the island where i was born is in the middle of the Caribbean where we can eat mangos and play soccer with coconuts the whole year just because it never gets cold. Back in Subic this past October it remind me a bit of Cuba, the people, the weather and even the food. i will be traveling back to Subic in a couple of weeks to start the first training camp of the year. Now back to Miami another reason why I like it here during the winter is just because I get to catch up with friends and family members. The training is ok, the running I usually do it on a golf course in Coral Gables or in the sand of Miami beach, the swimming i have two options the pool with a swim team or the ocean I do a bit of both and the bike like everyone in Miami I ride in Key Biscayne where you can do a 30km loop with one bridge.

well got to go swim now but I will keep all of you posted on how things go through this blog for now on