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Singapore 70.3

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Well just got back from singapore and back to training camp. first I want to thank Alex our team manager for doing a great job this weekend, he had to deal with the TBB tent at the race, his customers, his employees, the TBB athletes, take care of some of our Sponsors reps that attended the race and was cheering the whole time for us during the race and after. You are the man Alex.

The race organization was great and singapore rocks. My first half ironman went ok, just a bit of bad luck during the swim with some jelly fish that probably hurt my performance a bit but glad that at the end just did my best under the circumstances and move forward.

I will defenetly doing more of this distance back when I get to the US and defently racing in Clearwater in november.


Ride to North Korea!!!!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

so today we had our long ride and we started doing keegans loop “no worries will be back by the time doc said” no worries in new zealand’s south island means worry a lot and i learn that today, so i took with me 200 pesos ( about $2 us) and we started our ride at noon 96 degree temperature and a million % humidity, one hour in we stopped to get some drinks and 1 pesos doughnuts i got 5 of them and a water so 150 pesos left, then keegan took us to this rode called the death march i don’t know why we were going there but we did, its name like that because during WWII the japanese took some of our marines pow on a long march and many of them die in that hilly rode in the middle of the jungle. 2hrs in we took a little detour to check out a giant cross ( check james blog), memorial to the american/phillipinos that fought during WWII on this land it was pretty neat i paid my entrance (30 pesos) and climb 6km of 10 % grade. came back to the “loop” got some more drinks,chocolates and coke…. no more pesos 2hrs left to go. then it started to get really hot and humid and hot again we kept picking it up in every uphill and the “loop” will never end. all of the sudden we got to this village and i had no pesos left, i needed one of them Obama’s bail outs ;) but instead i got james to spot me to buy a coconut for some water…. which was ok until the last hill of the day when james attack me to get the king of the mountains bragging rights 5hrs into the ride and i started puking coconut milk, there was coconut milk and lactic acid everywhere ;)
we got back pretty late(night time) way pass what doc said and so hungry, so we called the pizza place and waited on the sidewalk until they delivered it check rubles blog for some of those photos.

im sure will have fun tomorrow at triple run day :)

here at the beginning of a 6km 10 % climb

At the cross

chasing a chicken for dinner

just being cuban

WWII memorial