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El NESCAFE « Manny Huerta's Blog



so this week doc got back to camp and there are a few of us left since most of the other athletes have gone different ways to go race. the temperature has gotten a bit cooler this past couple of days my srm was reading 47 C on my ride today. once i get home to the US im going to have to start riding on the rollers inside a sauna if i want to even come close to this, im not complaining at all, i think is great it would make any race conditions seem like a walk on the park. A couple of days ago we had terezas and my birthday party on the track for a long afternoon, half way through the run i was bonking a bit and i guess doc saw it on my face i gave me one of his ice coffee, within minutes i was back on pace and i realize that i had just run out of fuel. today on the ride i stopped at the 7eleven and decided to try some of this nescafe to find out if my stomach could keep it in and it seems to work well, so if i get approval by doc i will be taking a 6 pack of this with me to china in a few days.

so what are the ingredients ?!?!?! this is what is written on the can : Air,Gula,susu bubuk skim, kopi bubuk instan,bubuk kakao, penstabil makanan, perisa moka, natrium bikarbonat, kalium sitrat…..

hhhmmmm coming from cuba i swear this sounds like a budu recipe
anyways its taste pretty good.


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