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St Croix

Well just got back from st croix 70.3, this was my second half of my career and i must said that im liking the distance. the course is very tough going up and down on the bike the whole time, the main hill is called “the beast” it starts at 12 % all the way up to 27 %. the run a tough one too very hilly part on trail, golf course and concrete, but over all a well set up event with amazing support.

here is a bit of my race report, started the swim on the bay, the swim was quick ( the top 11-12 of us in the first pack all broke the swim course record) i felt pretty good all the way got on the bike and the boys were flying, rode pretty steady the whole way and got to the run in the top 10. once i started running the legs were shot and the first lap of the run was ok but on the second one i felt like having a piano on my back. overall Im glad that i went there and race on this course because next year ill be back but without the piano :)

I want to thank Tom the race director for putting a great race, Also My great home stay Carol a triathlete as well from the island took care of me for my entire stay, her friend Scott and Heniff who drove me around and to everyone that in some way or the other made me feel welcome.

ps already got my new avia bolts 2 and wow, love them.


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