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2 for 1

hey all,

well im still in miami with family and friends and getting back to the training routine, swimming with uss club team (Rockway) biking and running in key biscayne. This upcoming weekend will be an important weekend for me, every since I was kid back in havana the pan-american championships in any sport were a very big deal, heck if you win a medal at a pan-american championship the cuban government would give you a Lada, a soviet car that tends to have many problems ;) this time around im not going to be racing for a lada but this year the panams are coming to oklahoma and i will be there. now the reason why all of the sudden i decided to go is that i also saw a big opportunity to start my social project, and yes i’m on it. After several emails with Patco the governing body of this region, USAT, Triathlon Canada and the organizer I was given green light to talk with all the juniors u-23 elites and age groups from north america racing this weekend to bring with them any sport equipment that is still in good shape and that they no longer use with the purpose of donating it to the other young athletes from the OTHER AMERICA. I already collected here with the local club and friends a box full of wetsuits,cycling shoes , goggles ect and i will be taking it with me to handle it out at the juniors briefing. I also been contacted by USAT magazine to write an article about how Team TBB and myself will get this going for the future. So I got me a ticket a home stay and ill be there hoping to get only smiles in return.

ill keep all of you posted on this with photos next week


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