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Manny Huerta's Blog


Singapore 70.3

March 23rd, 2009 by mannyhuerta

Well just got back from singapore and back to training camp. first I want to thank Alex our team manager for doing a great job this weekend, he had to deal with the TBB tent at the race, his customers, his employees, the TBB athletes, take care of some of our Sponsors reps that attended the race and was cheering the whole time for us during the race and after. You are the man Alex.

The race organization was great and singapore rocks. My first half ironman went ok, just a bit of bad luck during the swim with some jelly fish that probably hurt my performance a bit but glad that at the end just did my best under the circumstances and move forward.

I will defenetly doing more of this distance back when I get to the US and defently racing in Clearwater in november.


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Ride to North Korea!!!!

March 4th, 2009 by mannyhuerta

so today we had our long ride and we started doing keegans loop “no worries will be back by the time doc said” no worries in new zealand’s south island means worry a lot and i learn that today, so i took with me 200 pesos ( about $2 us) and we started our ride at noon 96 degree temperature and a million % humidity, one hour in we stopped to get some drinks and 1 pesos doughnuts i got 5 of them and a water so 150 pesos left, then keegan took us to this rode called the death march i don’t know why we were going there but we did, its name like that because during WWII the japanese took some of our marines pow on a long march and many of them die in that hilly rode in the middle of the jungle. 2hrs in we took a little detour to check out a giant cross ( check james blog), memorial to the american/phillipinos that fought during WWII on this land it was pretty neat i paid my entrance (30 pesos) and climb 6km of 10 % grade. came back to the “loop” got some more drinks,chocolates and coke…. no more pesos 2hrs left to go. then it started to get really hot and humid and hot again we kept picking it up in every uphill and the “loop” will never end. all of the sudden we got to this village and i had no pesos left, i needed one of them Obama’s bail outs ;) but instead i got james to spot me to buy a coconut for some water…. which was ok until the last hill of the day when james attack me to get the king of the mountains bragging rights 5hrs into the ride and i started puking coconut milk, there was coconut milk and lactic acid everywhere ;)
we got back pretty late(night time) way pass what doc said and so hungry, so we called the pizza place and waited on the sidewalk until they delivered it check rubles blog for some of those photos.

im sure will have fun tomorrow at triple run day :)

here at the beginning of a 6km 10 % climb

At the cross

chasing a chicken for dinner

just being cuban

WWII memorial

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The Day after the Storm!!!

February 24th, 2009 by mannyhuerta

So yesterday we got hammered in both runs and today we had the swim and long bike. Here in Subic most of us do our ride in the a rode to oceans adventure wich is a 90 minutes loop and you can hit the 7-eleven often, on a 90 +, degrees day its comes handy.
this means that you get to see all of us going back and forward the entire ride, the first time around i saw dumpster zach looking very good, then good, then not so good and gone. I made it back about 30 minutes before him, he arrived pale and once again he hit the floor while mumbling, i gave him my coke and took some pics and a video and here it is.


CPR after we almost loose him

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Hibernation Day !!!!

February 22nd, 2009 by mannyhuerta

well today i’ve been hibernating pretty much the whole day(its our day off), this past training block we had a kenyan day ( you can figure it out why is call kenyan day) time trial day with zach off the front on the airport rode, brick day, i’m going to next olympic games day with Reinaldo and LC on the same lane doing a Short course swim set (hard and short rest), a very long and hot ride day and a marathon running day. doc said yesterday that we had off today and I induced myself in a coma and slept as much as i could, woke up went to the supermarket and heard that Erika had slept like 16 hrs wow. Mamma Huerta sent me my playstation 2 from home so now we can watch some DVDs and play some games with the boys. I also made a quick trip to Zach’s room witch its smells weird, a combination in between New Jersey and Flint Michigan and is the only room that monkeys don’t go in to try to steal food (hhmm wonder why). Tomorrow back to the training routine for the next block of training let you know how that one goes soon.


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Subic Camp photos

February 15th, 2009 by mannyhuerta

here are some photos from camp so far, im sure coach melvin has some more from training sessions and some of us from yesterdays dinner at Franks place… thanks Frank






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Dinner is getting better!!!

February 9th, 2009 by mannyhuerta

Well i arrived to Subic like most of the squad, this time around we are staying in aparments instead of the grand season hotel like last time around. the good thing about this is that we have a kitchen and that we are a bit closer to the pool, melvin and the crew did an excellent job on setting us up here thanks. im sharing my aparment with k-dog williams and mr sir james. Every night one of us cooks dinner (or experiments) for all three of us and we finally got the rice right tonight ;)

anyways im happy to be back in subic and finally met most of the squad members ill be here until the end of april for a good block of training.

ciao untill the next one

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Avia Rocks !!!!

January 23rd, 2009 by mannyhuerta


Hi all

well like many of the TBB athletes I got my Avia shoes not too long ago and Im stoke. I want to thank Julie and everyone in Avia for joining this great squad and I’m hoping to meet most of them soon so that they can put a face to the shoes ;)
other than that Im running last minute erins all over Miami, since every year I only get to spend 2 months here I always try to catch up with friend once I get here and before I leave. I’m leaving to Subic on the 3rd coming back to Florida on april 21st. I cant wait to meet the rest of the squad and start working on my tan while training in 90 F wheater :)

gtg now



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January 10th, 2009 by mannyhuerta


Happy new year, right now I’m at home in Miami the best place to be in the US during the winter if you are allergic to the snow (like I am). You see in previous forum post I have read from Doc and from one of my teammates how in Scotland they handle the winter just because they are “Scots” for me is the opposite, the island where i was born is in the middle of the Caribbean where we can eat mangos and play soccer with coconuts the whole year just because it never gets cold. Back in Subic this past October it remind me a bit of Cuba, the people, the weather and even the food. i will be traveling back to Subic in a couple of weeks to start the first training camp of the year. Now back to Miami another reason why I like it here during the winter is just because I get to catch up with friends and family members. The training is ok, the running I usually do it on a golf course in Coral Gables or in the sand of Miami beach, the swimming i have two options the pool with a swim team or the ocean I do a bit of both and the bike like everyone in Miami I ride in Key Biscayne where you can do a 30km loop with one bridge.

well got to go swim now but I will keep all of you posted on how things go through this blog for now on


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