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When it rains….. « Mary Beth Ellis' Blog


When it rains…..

The old mantra goes when it rains it pours. While it quite literally is pouring here in Krabi, I thought this was an apt time for a blog. I think this mantra stands for the momentum that can create a downpour from a trickle. In sport and life momentum can have a huge impact on the outcome. Not only grounded in the laws of physics were an object in motion stays in motion but also from a psychological point of view. I think one of the key benefits for me in being part of Team TBB is the benefits I get from this momentum. It is much easier to get out there and work hard when all those around you are doing the same. In addition, as amazing results trickle in from my teammates it gives me more confidence in all the hard work Doc has prescribed. We have all seen sporting events where one team goes from having a deficit to one key play that changes the entire game and the team is lifted up to playing at a whole other level beyond what they imagined they were capable. I am excited for this year and welcome the downpour my teammates start to kick butt cause I know it will help push me reach that next level.

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