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Take a deep breath « Mary Beth Ellis' Blog


Take a deep breath

I tend to stress out! I know it’s not helpful and am trying to work on it but sometimes it happens.  This month, I have a few things on my plate besides trying train as a pro triathlete I have also been selling my house, moving, planning a wedding, and getting my life sorted to spend three months in Switzerland this summer.

Here are a few ways I have managed to try to combat this self-induced tizzy over stress. 
With the house stress, I have tried to detach myself from dealing with the daily stress and letting my realtor take the brunt.  By trying to pull my emotions away, I have been able to go from a stress case bundle of nerves before Wildflower to now just laughing as the sale is complicated at every turn.  If the sale is meant to be,then things will work out.  If not, then me stressing myself sick won’t help the situation.
With the moving stress, I have just taken things step by step like a marathon run.  Instead of focusing on the whole process, by breaking it down into small steps and tasks every day, I have managed to make small progress.  From cleaning out Eric’s house and garage to starting slowly with the process of moving one car-load of items each day.  By making a really large project into small steps, I have been able to slowly chip away at the mountain and turn it into a hill.  I can’t wait until it is just a speedbump that I can roll over.
With the wedding stress, I have been proactive and have been decisive.  Instead of ruminating over every small decision, I just see a few options and pick one.  I don’t have the luxury of taking days and months to pick out the perfect flowers or table setting.  I just see a few options and pull the trigger then move one.  I have just taken the bull by the horns and given myself deadlines.  Before I left for Thailand, I had to pick date, venue, and dress.  Now before I leave in June, I need to pick all the vendors flowers, lighting, rentals, menu, cake, bridesmaids dresses, etc.  When I get home in the fall, I will just have to worry about final details.
So that just leaves training stress, while this might have been an issue last year.  This year, Doc has already taken care of by taking on the program and letting me just execute.  And race week stress used to be through the roof, but this year I have gotten it way down.  Race week is for resting and relaxing let all those other racers stress out for themselves and me.
Here’s to a stress-free spring and summer!

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